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1867: The Myth Of The Happy Musical Slaves

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Rod and Karen discuss Dr. Dre’s daughter gets into USC, Barbra Streisand apologizes, some church tea, Biden / Abrams ticket, man throws water on Steve King, incompatible traits in couples, plantation slavery sign taken down and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    Not that I feel sorry for the for the parents caught up in this college admission scandal, all these rich people like Dr. Dre bragging about their kids getting into these colleges “on their own” are mad corny. Maybe their kids did put in the work but they can’t deny that their kids also had access to the best school, tutors, people who probably taught them how to take test, and they had money to experience the world unlike a lot of disadvantaged people who have to work twice as hard. Russell Simmons’s daughter recently did the same thing. It’s great she got into Harvard and all but why brag about your achievement at the expense of someone else when you know good and damn well, you have advantages to get into these schools, even if it is legal, that others don’t. There’s just something kind of obnoxious about that but I guess it’s human nature.

  2. Mike Mallory

    Hey Rod and Karen.

    I think Dr. Dre was tone deaf with his social media post about his daughter. The public knows nothing about her GPA or qualifications to be accepted into USC. He could’ve just posted a pic and congratulated her in the caption, and it would have been all good. He messed up when he joked about “no jail time” because that made people think about the college admissions scandal. The initial conversation about that scandal was about how fucked up it was that rich people paid for their kids to get into school. After that initial conversation, it moved on to how wealthy people can afford to buy favor by putting their name on a building with no need for secrecy and under-handed deals. Dr Dre is one of those wealthy people with his name on a building. By saying “no jail time”, he made it about him and not his daughters accomplishments. Bruh, YOU DONATED MILLIONS OF DOLLARS AND YOUR NAME IS ON A BUILDING. You don’t get to flex on people who paid a bribe. If anything, the only flex you have is that your money was long enough to secure her admission publicly while those other celebs needed a middle man. By the way, I’m assuming that his daughter is qualified, my point is that Dre erased her and made it about him.

  3. LaLaJen

    Hey Rod and Karen – love everything about you guys. I’m a new listener and have quickly become obsessed. I just wanted to say I’m often surprised about how much I learned about Black history in grade school. My elementary did a lot to celebrate Black history and the history of minorities in general. We learned the terrors of slavery and celebrated the achievements of Black folk in America. During Black history month we had a big production where kids picked a Black historical figure and spoke about them during the school assembly and later that night during the school’s Black History Fair. This was such a big deal and some kids even won trophies. I also know the words to Lift Every Voice and Sing because we sang it at every assembly. It’s crazy to me that I was able to learn about slavery and the richness of Black culture in White ass San Diego but other kids are taught about happy slaves?! Maybe it’s because I went to a majority black school? Looking back I’m just thankful for this exposure.

    PS I won 2nd place for Rosa Parks. A year later in 2nd grade I won 1st Place for my monologue on Harriet Tubman: breaker of chains, all around bad Bish, first of her name!! LOL yes this is my only claim to fame. Love you guys!!

  4. AussiOi

    Just on the topic of Jackson and R Kelly. I thought rod was spot on when he mentioned that Jackson really groomed the entire family. But that’s one of the things I felt like a lot of people missed about r kelly. Not so much that he groomed the family but rather the fact that he was manipulating everyone around him the same way he was manipulating those girls. One of his techniques that they pointed was how he would constantly escalate things. Not just the abusive but also through the criminality of his action. The obvious story was of the threesomes with the 16 year old who only discovered their “partner” was incredibly young months after it continue happening, so if she spoke out she would have to admit she was a part of it. So it’s either shut up and comply or confess. But if you noticed that’s exactly what he did to his manager too. Kelly lied and lied about him and Aliyah until she was pregnant. Now the manager is retro actively complicit in covering for Kelly’s relationship with Aliyah. He can shut up and comply or confess. You mix that with Kelly being charming and being the employer of a lot of people I theorise his manipulation is widespread throughout his camp. Also one of the most profound things about it is how he lured people using his trauma, to the level of self awareness that I think it was insidious in a sense. Like we probably know exactly what he told lady Gaga, that would make her say ‘we are very smiliar’
    This is going on way too long but just on the notion of his escalation and his criminality. Because he would use the vile, disgusting, criminal nature of these acts as a way to trap his victims. I can only imagine what things the girls now have had to do. Watching that one woman be physically traumatized re-entering that “dark room.” I cant but expect it is far worse then what anyone can possible imagine especially. Where do you go when raping little girls is how you started.

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