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1871: The Henry Hater Hive

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Evie E

    Rod, I just wanted to clarify my comments about Aoki Simmons. I didn’t mean to come off sounding like a hater. I made a mistake by saying that it was Aoki who alluded to the cheating scandal. It wasn’t Aoki but it was her mother Kimora. She made a reference to Aoki not being able to row. I just kind of thought it was tacky because it takes away from what Aoki has accomplished. As for my other comments, personally, I have no problem with her having advantages that other kids don’t but I felt that when Kimora made those comments I felt she was lifting her daughter up at other people’s expenses which took the focus off of Aoki’s accomplishments. I probably didn’t word it properly because what I should have said is that other people could just as easily point out the advantages that aren’t available to disadvantaged kids. That’s not Aoki’s fault. I just wish Kimora would have just made it about her daughter and just her daughter.

    I admit, I have a lot of hate in my heart for fictional television and movie characters, but not for Aoki. I hope that makes sense.

  2. jamielscorpio

    I too once listened to the Adam Carolla show. I started listening to podcast back in 2009. Carolla podcast was one of the first and very funny. However around 2014, Seemed like Shit just went further and further and further to right and I tapped out after his Mike Brown takes. He spent years capling cops assholes and saying how they were in the wrong. But in this case blamed black ppl. Since then I haven’t turned back and it seems like he is getting worse. Dag and JL stopped going on. I’ve also noticed even Bill Simmons had called his takes crazy. Thank y’all for the PODCAST listening to the feedback episodes is part of my Saturday routine

  3. Nahan87

    Hey Karen and Rod, I’m listening to the listener feedback and everyone’s excuses as to why they hated Henry and I have a theory. Henry was a problem because of longevity. We saw Carl for years. Saw him be stupid, get hurt, learn, become ruthless, then empathetic. Basically we saw a story arc over seasons. Henry went through the same thing but we didn’t see a lot of it with the 6 year jump and he just got here a season ago. Perhaps it didn’t make people very connected to his character. He showed up, did some stupid stuff, went roaming by himself, almost got killed. Then fast forward to now and the same thing happened except he actually got killed. We didn’t get to see him evolve as a character. He’s only been dumb. To be quite frank, empathy was allowed for Carl because he earned it over time. Now I know people say it shouldn’t matter where an idea comes from, whether it’s to be more open or help out someone, but human nature shows that it does matter. I’m much more trusting of people I know than people who I’ve only known for a year. And even though Judith was a baby the majority of the time she’s been on the show, her character has been on the show longer. Now, I’ll give you that the Judith vs. Henry argument isn’t really strong since she’s a kid who goes wandering off alone constantly but she’s been around longer. Sometimes it’s just as simple as people feel more comfortable with the people they know. You are much more likely to make excuses for people you know and be more understanding than with the choices shorter term acquaintances make.

  4. Janica

    Regarding Aoki Lee (Russell and Kimora Lee Simmons daughter), in the video Kimora posted she said “Thank God you got in on your own, honey, cause you can’t row” now… I still feel like it’s something to be celebrated though cause she’s only 16. Aoki is very smart and her parents have shared her academic achievements for quite some time, well before the cheating scandal. Idk, maybe this feels different to me because I like Aoki.

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