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1874: It’s So Cold In The Z-Poc

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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin and Audrey discuss the Walking Dead

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  1. Jojo

    Loved this episode

  2. Pinky

    Hi Karen and Rod, I have 2 comments:

    #1) Ding-dong the irritant Henry is dead! No matter how much Carol is suffering now that Henry is dead it’s tiny in comparison to how much viewers were suffering whilst Henry was still alive. Bye, bye Henry!

    #2) The actress that plays Alpha, Samantha Morton stars in a British tv series called “Harlots” (on Hulu in the US). The series is about Margaret Wells (played by Samantha Morton) who runs a brothel in 18th-century London. Karen, I think you might really enjoy the series. Harlots is not what one might assume, yes there’s plenty of cleavage, a dominatrix and bawdy humour but the show is also smart and feminist.
    P.S.: Samantha Morton’s 19-year-old daughter stars in a newly released series “Hanna” on Amazon. I saw the first episode and found it interesting.


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