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1881: Lt. Whitefolks

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Rod and Karen discuss no Insecure in 2019, Notre Dame on fire, AOC quits Facebook, Pelosi helping Ilhan Omar, Michael Jackson facts, college grads letting Wall Street invest in them, Chicago news, fugitive taunts police on Facebook, police officer caught up in prostitution sting, man breaks into house and sucks on toes and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I’ve been a fan of Michael Jackson for so long that I’ve been in denial for a long time and it’s kind of painful that one of my childhood idols can do something so heinous. It made me think something was wrong with me for loving his music so much. But once I acknowledged that he was a sick man I was able to let go of the hurt and realize I can still listen to his music in private if I feel like it. What I won’t do is cape for this man ever again. I know some people will never be able to separate the man and the music and that’s fine too.
    What’s not okay is saying believe victims until the victims accuse someone you like and then you go out of your way to discredit the accusers.

  2. kccolon10

    And congratulations on paying off your student loans!! That’s amazing!!

  3. Felix

    Hi guys, felix here. I dont know if you guys hangout on architects Twitter but the news of Notre dame being on fire was all over it. Having studied it while I was getting my architecture degree it’s really sad to see any of it being lost like this but thankfully a lot is still intact so repairing it is possible. Just tricky with how access to that roof is. I do find it interesting how billionaires all of a sudden have all this cash to splash around when I’m sure the French would have been able to pay for it just fine themselves but I guess saving art is more important than flints water problem and those recently burned down churches. Especially the American billionaires. As always their priorities are ridiculous. I do however appreciate the amount of folks calling this out, yall included. Folks on architects Twitter dont always be on it but this was one of the times folks gave me hope. Have a good one. Felix out.

  4. kccolon10

    Your recent social media experience was very interesting. Rod, it was real cool of you to apologize for that interaction with the listener. Like Karen said, you’ve got humility that most don’t possess, so thanks for that, it encourages me as a listener to know that you care about positive interactions with your supporters.

    To be honest, that’s why I don’t really use social media. I try to be as non-problematic as possible, especially on the internet. But even when I feel like I support a cause or an individual, I don’t have the time to go back and forth with people online, arguing point by point on a topic. I’ve got enough going on in my real life to be consumed with online arguments. And sometimes, it’s not even about arguing, sometimes it’s just miscommunication.

    Even writing in to TBGWT, I try to be mindful that things can get lost in translation, and context sometimes doesn’t translate into words, so I try to craft my message accordingly.

    Anyway, you both are doing great. Thanks for all the conversations over the last few years, and Rod, don’t let one mis-step get you down!

    If you want to worry about anything, it’s tryna get Ms.E.V.E. Out the paint for trying to kill Henry on TWD.

    Lmao. Just kidding. Love you both!

  5. AO

    Congratulations on getting the student loan monkey off your backs! I’m sure you were playing Celebration on a loop; I know I was for y’all. Oh happy day, oh happy day!!!

  6. Dia

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    I worked on a study with a university’s marketing department two summers ago, where we tracked trends and interviewed middle school and high school students about social media.

    We still haven’t presented our findings, but we found that ages 13 to 19 are actually leaving or not joining, not just Facebook but social media platforms altogether. They say they value their privacy more.

    They are moving towards more group chat platforms where they can speak to specific audience and be candid without a public gaze and possibly getting into trouble for saying or having a belief.

    The groups we interviewed talked about how they watch people get fired or kicked out of schools or shunned by the public for having certain opinions or telling off color jokes.

    An example was from a couple of students who talked about being pro life, but they won’t share those beliefs on social media, but just in a group chat with other friends, even friends that are pro life, because they feel secure and don’t think they will be targeted by the public for having those ideas or beliefs.

    It was really interesting, because a group chat will likely be where people will share racist, homophobic or sexist content without any consequence, but they also said that it is an opportunity to be corrected or educated in private before sharing those ideas in the future.

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