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1883: A Girl Has No Draws

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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to recap Game Of Thrones.

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  1. bamil73

    I hope this comment comes in under the wire.

    I have thought about Tyrion. He is the Jimmy Butler of Game of Thrones. Let me explain. When he was traded to the Targaryen roster, he was heralded as very clever and an addition that would only inspire the team to greatness. His performance on the court however has been less than stellar.

    Some of decisions are as follows:

    Suggesting a moratorium on slavery in Mereen allow the massas to phase it out so they could adjust

    Splitting the forces to attack the Lannister castle which was already abandoned, instead of going straight for Kings Landing.

    Suggesting capturing a wight to convince Cersei to join the fight, which led to the dragon getting killed and turned.

    Actually believing Cersei had changed. I wonder if Dany will question his usefulness when they learn that Cersei is waiting to fuck them up.


  2. Trey_Swindu744

    Congrats on the Vice segment Rod and Karen! So well deserved and earned , love y’all both so much for keeping me sane through all this madness we are experiencing right now. I know you two say “you’re just two people giving your opinions” but trust me Rod and Karen – it’s opinions like these that we definitely need to hear more of in this current trash ass world..lol.

    Thanks again peace and blessings always,

  3. Evie E

    Just wanted to say how proud I am of you guys for how far you’ve come. You two deserve all the good things happening you. I loved the Vice piece. I laughed at all the butthurt snowflakes upset about black people watching game of thrones. Those comments were so ridiculous.

    Your recap was good as usual. I’ll miss dem throne partly because of the community we’ve built around this show.

    And the person I hate most this season is Jamie. Sister fucking, push a kid out the window mother fucking bastard. I hope Bronx puts an arrow through his head and Arya takes his face. Fuck him forever.

  4. Felix

    Hi guys. Felix here. Not even gonna lie. I’m only jumping on the #SansaHive bandwagon this season, I was still hating until pretty much the end of last season. Now that I’m here though, I’m enjoying the good sis shading Dany. Bran also has really grown on me now and I find his “only revealing plot relevant information when he feels like” self very entertaining. Enjoyed the premiere and am so looking forward to the rest of the season. Last thing before I peace out. Yo I felt Missandei and Gray worm so much when they noticed that cism from the northerners. I live in England and as a black northern lad myself, I’ve seen that face over the years. Shout out to my neighbour who’s currently campaigning to be a city councillor for UKIP. I really enjoy the racist pamphlets you send everybody mate. Alright, enjoyed the show as always. Y’all the best game of thrones recaps in the game. Felix out.

  5. Wiz Khaleesi

    Hi, it’s Wiz Khaleesi of House “Well Actually” with some clarifications.

    – Jaime wasn’t the one who sent the assassin, in the books he and Tyrion both figure out it was Joffrey but never find out his motive. The show mentions it as well but made it seem like he heard King Robert say Bran should’ve been put out of his misery & thought it might impress his dad (who couldn’t stand his psychotic ass). Littlefinger took advantage of the conflict by giving the assassin the Tyrion’s dagger but hiring the assassin was all Joffrey.

    – King Robert was already dead when his bastard children were getting murdered, that was Joffrey again. Robert was fond of the bastards he was aware of & would support them financially from time to time. After he died, Joffrey ordered the Gold Cloaks to kill all of them, just in case bc of Stannis’ letter outing him as an incest baby with no legitimate claim to the Iron Throne. I know it’s been a few seasons and we got Ramsay right after but Joffrey was the OG villain and you will put #RESPECK on his name!

    – Sansa already knew Jon bent the knee before he & Dany arrived in Winterfell, she received a raven when Littlefinger was still advising her. That makes her shade even more delicious because she had some time to process the news and was still mad about it.

    Great recap, as always. I started listening during the #BernieSoBlack days after I heard Rod on TWIB, before I even knew you guys did recaps of GoT (early 2016). Thank you for providing a space for us & for being consistently authentic to who you are. Congrats on the Vice News feature! If you’ve pissed off those salty reverse-racism-is-real losers on YouTube then you know you’ve done something right.

  6. AbsintheMinded

    Superb recap Lord & Lady Morrow. I know I shouldn’t encourage this but never change Sir Justin thee Most Problematic. In the preview of the next episode, it looks like Dany is about to drag Jamie for killing her crazy ass father. I hope Sam channels all his angry and calls her out on the hypocrisy. His Dad was trash but he would still have a point. If Sam really wants to be messy, he could let it “slip” Jon is Dany’s nephew. Wishful thinking on my part though. Given the recent events I understand why Sam wasn’t able to deliver the information to Jon with ease. I loved the interaction between Sansa and Dany. Sansa has a valid point about them not bringing any provisions. Winterfell’s resources were pretty limited prior to Jon’s departure. I can’t wait until the next recap and episode. Peace.

  7. brooklynshoebabe

    I technically haven’t watched GoT since Sean Bean’s character got killed but I keep up with it through articles and water color conversations. I didn’t realize how hype I was for the premiere of GoT until I realized that it would mean the return of your recaps! MORE GOT RECAPS, YES!!!! Hearing my problematic fav, Justin, in the mix was just icing on the cake. Whatever hashtag you use, I’m down. Your hard work is so appreciated and your podcasts are always a bright spot in my day. <3

  8. WriterChick

    Congrats on your VICE episode. You two looked great!!!!

    What do you think it’s going to look like when we see some of our faves as they die then join the army of the Night King (who I think is Bran)?

  9. Miss1ko

    also, bran is my new fave. sansa…if she becomes the new lady olenna…..i would get my life. hope she learned from her too!


  10. Miss1ko

    Man. As soon as the black people came to winterfell I was like they are really riding into MWesterosGA country.
    I was like, I can’t WAIT fo Rod, Karen & Justin’s review. I knew you would see what I saw.

    We all saw Lil Mormont’s face. AND I LIVE.

    Sorry in advance for the long windedness.

    I have rewatched episodes from every season before this and I had came around to not hate Sansa and she is not stupid. But I feel like we are supposed to believe she is the most crafty because she has survived. I respect her struggle. But the reason she wasn’t killed is because she was a token (privilege). not her craftiness. If she was one of those whores she would have been dead. She learned the most from littlefinger and in King’s Landing. Being around those two monsters built her resilience but other than bringing the Vale soldiers (at the last minute) and knowing Cersei to be a liar, what has she done that demonstrates her craftiness? I hope they give her a time to really shine and not leave it at Aria saying she is the smartest person she knows. Because knowing Littlefinger was playing her after he traded her to Ramsey is not crafty. And in the same vein, why did they dumb Tyrion down? He is supposed to be the smartest one on here.

    Now as for the Dany Jon situation…….just like Jon is the northerners and they don’t trust Dany, she freed them slaves and leads the Dothraki, they don’t know Jon. Like people are out here acting like she is the worst most power hungry person….because she burnt them Tarly dudes who had an option and Dickon didn’t really stick up for Sam. Jon (rightfully so) hung a kid (also, just as that boy stabbed home even though that lil boy had a right to be mad)

    If they get together and rule together, does any of that shit matter? I know they are not going to do that.
    And Jon has made some questionable choices too. He’s not perfect. Took a wight to Cersei but not to his own people so they could understand the threat. Dany saw the threat and commands an army. Maybe he should have shown it to the north since they big mad.

  11. Anonymous

    I almost shed a tear listening to you guys on Vice. Thank you so much for what you do and I can’t wait to enjoy more episodes 🙂

  12. Phil

    This is my first season with you all and I have finally found where, (The Blacks) can go and talk about this amazing show. Now first off I have to say that Bran was in that dragon at the waterfalls, we all know that how he gets down. He been watching folks get it in, that’s Bran “Eugene” Stark we talking about. I loved this episode for the reunions that all happened this week, but am waiting for a few more. One being the Mormonts meeting up. Im not sure Jorah would know Lyanna since he got chased out the country when Ned was coming to put the hands, and Ice on him, but you know Lil Bear would hit him with a, ” You are know family of mine” and a cold mean mug with a side eye to shame Sansa from this week. Now being a book reader its time for me to hit you with my “Well Actually” glasses. Well actually I have found my go to reviews of this show and all others are just second rate, their I said it. One last thing I want to get your opinion on thats from a few seasons ago. Was it only white people that had a huge issue with Sansa’s after wedding scene she had with Ramsey? I chalked it up as its how it is in the books and it is Ramsey, plus how this would have most likely happened in this time frame of the world. Am I the crazy one? Love all you guys content, thank you for all of it.

  13. Law

    Yo Rod! Yo Karen!

    I think Sansa might be the most crafty character in the show now. She survived all of the other notable crafty manipulators, and now even feels she’s surpassed Tyrion. She didn’t have the displeasure of having to deal with Walder Frey, but Arya handled that one.

    She’s thinking like a 4D chess player now, and her biggest obstacle will probably getting others to shut up long enough to listen.

    That was a good look for y’all on VICE, too! Them weird ass haters can do all the thumbs down they want, but they aren’t powerful enough to take down the mighty fusion of Roddenkaren!

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