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1898: Men Gossip Too

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Rod and Karen discuss the elevator button, LGBTQ news, heartbeat abortion bills, men gossip too, R Kelly sexual assault hotline backfires, students lunch shaming, school bus driver let’s kids take a turn, a couple murders together, little scammer orders stuff from her mom’s Amazon account and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I personally think school lunch and at least two milks should be free for every kid. The school could probably make up for the difference in ala cart items. I’m fortunate to be able to put money on my daughter’s lunch account regularly. But I started noticing that I had to refill her account more often than usual so I actually went online to see what she was purchasing. Home girl was getting cookies and two ice creams and that was adding up quick. She was living her best life. Needless to say I nipped that in the bud.
    So the way the schools charge the kids for extras that’s where they can make their money while all kids can enjoy a free hot meal with their dignity intact.

  2. Janica

    The school lunch story broke my heart. It reminded me of kids I went to school with who acted like they weren’t hungry at lunchtime when in reality they couldn’t get lunch because they owed money. It makes me so sad. People are sick to think kids don’t deserve to eat.

  3. Jowana Mitchell

    Hearing the story of the children who are being given some random lunch option because their families can’t afford to pay brought tears to my eyes.
    I remember the first summer when I was old enough to stay home during the day while my mother and father went to work. I would play outside with my friends in the neighborhood and at lunchtime a majority of them would head down to the neighborhood rec center for lunch. My mother would make my lunch and leave it in our kitchen for me to eat whenever I got hungry but one day I went to the rec center with my friends because I decided that I was going to skip lunch. When we got to the rec center I stood off to the side while my friends lined up for the free bag lunch that was being passed out. I knew that a lot of their parents could not afford lunch and I didn’t want to take away from those who didn’t have as much as my family did. When one of the adults who was handing out the lunches saw me they told me to come and get a lunch too. I said that I was just waiting on my friends and I didn’t need one but thank you anyway. An older Black woman put her arm around my shoulder and said, “We all need to eat” as she put a bag lunch in my hand then went back to handing out lunches. Every child who came to the rec center during lunch time was fed. No questions, and no judgement. I remember the feeling of being included and seen and cared about and I can only imagine how those children feel.

    Fuck that administration that has allowed this to happen to those babies. Fuck. Them.

  4. Law

    Men have always been into gossip, we just call it everything BUT, lol. You can look on social media and see all sorts of examples. One thing that’s gender neutral is the need to gossip about OTHER people’s money, lol. That’s always a hot topic. Other people’s shit…

    I appreciate the work y’all put into the show. Been listening for many years. Back when Baller Alert had new topics and everything lol. Keep on doing what you do, and I’ma keep trying to evolve along with you.

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