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SMR 243: Aladdin

Rod and Karen review Disney’s live action version of “Aladdin.” We also discuss movie trailers and your feedback for John Wick 3.


  1. logan2x1

    Took my daughter (8) and her friend to see it last week. They really loved it. Since the first trailer my daughter was calling it “The Princess Jasmine” movie. The actress who plays her really held her own and I’m glad they gave her two moments to sing solo. My daughter noticed they shortened “A Whole New World” song. But I’m not sure if the song itself was short or just the sequence was shortened. The original film had them going to a lot more different places and stretches out the song a bit. I agree that Will did a great job, and no matter who they gave the role to, would have the herculean task of how to do the role justice after Robin Williams blew it out the park. I’m also glad that they gave him a love interest. Listening to the review reminded me just how much younger I am than y’all, lol. Watching the film I realized I’m still too close to the original. Overall the film had some nice moments and changes. Loved that they gave Jasmine agency and a goal other than not wanting to be married. The Prince Ali song was just as great as the original one. But I’m giving it to the younger people and older people who aren’t as endeared to the original like I still am. This was a nice film, but I’m not in love with it like my daughter or little sister. Oh and the costumes were amazing.


  2. nahan87

    I really liked Aladdin. I got hit with a wave of nostalgia as soon as Arabian Nights started and then got hit with hope when the lyrics weren’t racist. I thought Naomi Scott and Will Smith did an amazing job. I actually liked Mena Massoud as Aladdin only because in the animated movie Aladdin to me was more forgettable than all the other characters in the movie and I didn’t think he was a good singer either so Mena Massoud’s weak singing was kinda similar to the animated to me. My favorite scenes in this one were the Prince Ali performance and then right after that I thought when they were meeting the Sultan and Jasmine for the first time that was hilarious. I was surprised to learn that whole scene was improvised. The dance at the party was really good too and considering Naomi Scott and Mena Massoud aren’t dancers they did an amazing job. I just really enjoyed the movie and it hit me in all the nostalgia feels. I’m looking forward to The Lion King now.

    • nahan87

      So the soundtrack came out today and yall were definitely right about Mena Massoud’s singing, lol. I’m pretty sure I was blinded by how hot he is in the movie so definitely had a bias.


    Aladdin, for me, felt by the numbers. I haven’t watched the original cartoon in a long time, so I’d have to go back & check how these versions compare. Will Smith is very good as Genie & I liked the spin he put on for his interpretation. His singing was OK & maybe he could’ve had someone do those parts for him, I wasn’t that bothered with it, even though, I think those complaints are fair. Mena Moussad’s take as Aladdin was dry, for the most part. I thought he nailed the action parts well & acted decent, he just didn’t have what Naomi Scott had, which was that natural singing voice. Scott was money for every number. I liked her final song near the end of the movie. It was really good stuff. Overall, it was decent. I’m just looking forward to The Lion King remake in July.

  4. rodimusprime

    I’ll keep it short. Aladdin was amazing. I laughed every time Will Smith was on screen. He absolutely carried the film AS HE SHOULD. Jasmine was beautiful and sang wonderfully. Aladdin was good enough and cute enough. Jafar could’ve been better, but it’s fine. The goddamn carpet and monkey were stars. I loved it, and can’t wait to show my daughter when I get home.

    Last thing, Will Smith is a national graduate and should be treated as such. Thank you for your time reading this. Hear from you all soon!


  5. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    Your review of Aladdin was spot on. Naomi and Will owned their roles and the movie, they drew me into every scene they were in. Will’s performance for me is a big deal because I loved Robin Williams’ portrayal so much. Two minutes into his portrayal as The Genie and I was sold. I also loved the love interest and happy ending his character got. I agree that the worst things in the movie were Aladdin, who was outmatched in his scenes with both Will and Naomi, and the actor who played Jafar, who was never convincingly menace until the end of the film.

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