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SMR 246: Godzilla King Of Monsters

Rod and Karen review the latest in the monster shared universe “Godzilla: King of the Monsters.” We also discuss some new movie trailers.


  1. Selester63

    Hey Rod & Karen,

    Godzilla King of the Motherfucking Monsters. In the words of Omar Little, “You come at the king, you best not miss.” And the three-headed Ghidorah fucked with the wrong one.
    Overall, I enjoyed the movie. I liked the fights between the monsters. I also liked when they realized that Emma Russel was on some Thanos shit and in the whole thing. Dr. Chen was like “that Bitch”….LOL.

    I’m thinking in the next movie Kong and Godzilla will face off but then team up to fight whatever monster Tywin Lannister creates from that severed Ghidorah head.

    Like crazy Emma Russell said before she bought it, “long live the King”.
    Thanks, peace.


    What a putrid movie this was. It’s like anything America touches out of their purview, it has to be something that caters to the American mindset. The writing of this movie is terrible, so is the plot. The actors tried, for the most part, especially Ken Watanabe, who deserved much better. But my thing with the plot of this movie is, the people who made this movie can’t help but center the human characters. They can’t help it. For example, during that Ghidorah v Godzilla fight at the end, where the camera zooms in on their collision, the fucking movie goes back to these uninteresting people, who are there to be World Heavyweight Champion fuckups of the World. I would’ve enjoyed the fights, if the movie didn’t feel like they had to shoehorn them in, cuz it drags an already worthless movie down. Speaking of which, Vera Farmiga’s character was trash Infinity, man. Using big ass monsters to save the world? Really, ma’am? Really? Charles Dance also deserved better, btw. He was a good bad guy in a useless movie. Like you said on pregame, Rod, they cam keep that Godzilla vs Kong movie & put it on the back burner. We’ll probably get more shitty ass senate hearings out of it & badly timed jokes.

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