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1906: Straight Shame Parade

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Rod and Karen discuss their time off, random thoughts, LGBTQ news, The Obama’s are getting a podcast, rich black celebs, Nike introduces curvy manikins, The Chi controversy and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Tristan

    The Chernobyl shit was crazy. When they said “a nuclear disaster is not possible here” after the fact, I realized that Nationalism would keep them for ever admitting the truth. How scared of your government do you have to be to willingly put yourself in harms way like that.

    Not sure if it was this show that talked about Karen’s sex commercials, but when you played Lizzos tempo, I saw Missy getting a hitachi in the mail, opening the box and saying “I been waiting for this one. Turn it up!” Thanks for that lol.

  2. Evie E

    People who put sugar in their grits probably voted for Trump. #IsaidwhatIsaid

  3. JohnBabyJohn

    First, Rod’s take on sugar in grits means I can’t trust nothing he say on Yelp. I’ll treat his opinion more like a “welp” than a Yelp. Second, I just finished some sweet grits before turning on this episode of the BGWT to enjoy Karen’s wit & wisdom. Then, while Rod was on his rant I checked the label on my box of grits it said to try the grits with everything, “from savory butter, salt and pepper,…to sweet cream, honey or sugar.”

    Case closed!

    In my court Rod would be sentenced to 30 days of Papa John’s with no chance of Talenti.

  4. Querston D.

    Rod talking about sugar grits is HILARIOUS. I’m from Little Rock, AR and I have eaten grits that way my entire life. My mom eats them with salt and pepper but I couldn’t stomach them that way if I had to. Sugar grits paired with salty bacon, perfect combo.

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