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SMR 250: I Am Mother

Rod and Josh Homer discuss the newest Netflix Science Fiction movie, “I Am Mother.”

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  1. Selester63

    Hey Rod & Karen,

    This was an interesting movie. I initially wasn’t sure I was going to watch it but when I saw you did a SMR I decided to check it out. I thought the acting was good, especially the young lady, Clara Rugaard. I knew something was up when the movie started and the “Days Since Extinction Event” went from 000 to 13,867 (which is approximately 38 years) and Daughter was only a teenager. Then we come to find out Mother had been eliminating other children who did not met the criteria. I also figured since Mother was a robot she had to be connected to the facility and knew all that was going on. Turns out Mother was in complete control the entire time. Mother must have had an external robot shoot Woman (Hillary Swank) and chase her to their location so she could give Daughter the final test. In the end Daughter starts the process of repopulating the world and Mother kills Woman. For a Netflix movie it was decent.
    Thanks, peace.

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