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SMR 253: Spider-Man: Far From Home

Rod and Karen review the latest Spider-Man sequel, “Spider-Man: Far From Home.” We also discuss some movie trailers before the film.


  1. Anzidavis

    Love this movie, this is my second best spiderman movie after spiderman in the spider verse.

  2. rodimusprime

    It was a really good movie. It felt good to watch a Marvel movie and not be stressed out lol. I heard the nickname ‘Mysterio’ and in the back of my mind I was like ‘I know this name. And I don’t think he’s a good guy. Mysterio sounds like a bad person’. Low and behold, he was bad. The graphics were amazing. When Mysterio was messing with Spider-Man in the first illusion right before he got hit by the train, I was really freaked out. I didn’t understand how he was doing it, but I just knew Mysterio was a scary person to deal with. But when Peter got his tingle on, that sequence when he was destroying the projectors in the hall with Mysterio was PERFECT. It felt like I was diving deep into comic books that I’ve never read in the most amazing way possible.
    5 out of 5 for me. It’s hard to compare Spider-Man to End-Game, and you really shouldn’t. If you let Peter Parker’s story stand alone, you’ll enjoy it.

    Thanks for reading my feedback! Can’t wait to hear from you all soon.


  3. brooklynshoebabe

    Just came back from seeing it. It was so good. Great pacing, good humor, excellent nods to Iron Man and a nice dash of JB Smoove. I suspected a Mysterio twist but I was surprised by it. And I just love the diversity of Peter’s classmates. Finally, I like how Peter seems to dig the black girls. Lmao. Swirl on, player.

  4. FilmWanderer9

    Far From Home is more than just a worthy conclusion to The Infinity Saga, but it’s a paradigm shift. This film left the door open for numerous possibilities. Tom Holland is the best Spider-Man. Period. Full Stop. The others had their time of glory & nostalgic worship. That dude conveys the guilt, fun, joy, determination & spirit of playing both Peter Parker & Spider-Man. Dude went through so much here than any other Spider-Man before him, tbh. Zendaya, I feel, has become better at acting since Homecoming, which is not to say, she was bad in Homecoming, because she wasn’t, she was very good in it, yet, the last 2 years being an actress seasoned her. I see it with her performance in the excellent Euphoria & it shows here. Also, best MJ/Gwen Stacy-type ingenue. Period. Full Stop. Then, here comes my man, Jake Gyllenhaal going full super villain with Mysterio. I knew the twist was coming, cuz, come on, the Elementals were the big bad? Hell nah. They were all but a diversion to him manipulating shit. His turn was exceptional, though, with him partying on that table, like he won a Super Bowl. I loved him. His CGI is some of the best CGI I’ve ever seen too. The way the costume moves, those elementals he controlled & him playing with reality was magnificent. Easily one of my top 5 villains in the MCU, hands down. It was also good to see Jon Favreau in here too. Dude is always good for laughs. Jacob Batalon & Angorie Rice were dope as Ned & Betty Grant. Great chemistry & good for laughs. The whole film was so good. I’m gonna see it again, next Tuesday. Also, one last thing, welcome the fuck back, J. Jonah Jameson (J.K Simmons is the actor that plays him). Wow!

  5. Iman

    Hey Rod and Karen, great review of the movie! I’m not going to say the MCU can do no wrong. . .but niggaa! It was shamazing!!” It deserves multiple watches in different platforms! I saw it in standard BigD digital with my daughter. And I did miss a few moments because I was looking at the pure nerd joy on her face. But all the scenes with Mysterio, I actually want to see in 3D. It looks like it would be worth it!
    Your review was so on point! There were so many lovely moments in this movie and even if you’re familiar with Mysterio in the comics, there were still a lot of surprises! I almost got caught up like Peter, thinking they were going to change the character up like they did with the Skrolls. Yall I had to remind myself at the end when they did the big reveal, that the Skrolls are good in the MCU (at least for now ). Because I was like “OH NOO” for a quick second.
    But it was so cute watching my daughter be happy for Peter after he gave Beck the glasses. And I whispered “oh no baby, that’s not a good thing”. Then when he dropped the illusion she yelled “Oh no! He’s a villain! ”. She was also super excited about seeing a hijabi student! And our girl got a lot of screen time and lines! We were geeking out!
    This movie had so many gems! I was wondering why Nick Fury was acting so weird, but I dismissed it because EVERYONE was acting weird. They’d just gone through a major trauma. So when they did the big reveal I was so excited because my off feeling made perfect sense!! There were two major red flags to me; 1) When Fury told Peter to take off his mask stating everyone in the room already knew who he was, because Mysterio is new so he wouldn’t have known Peter’s identity. And Fury definitely doesn’t trust new people!
    2. When Peter asked about Captain Marvel and Fury said “Don’t invoke her name“. I thought, “that was weird.”
    Also, I didn’t watch any trailers for this movie; after Infinity War, I just told myself “If it’s Marvel I don’t need to see a trailer, just tell me when the movie drops and I’m there!”. So what was in the trailers that wasn’t actually in the film?

    Love y’all

  6. Mwangangi

    Yeah Karen, I can see Flash becoming an Osborne type…

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