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1918: Do They Have Toilets?

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Rod and Karen discuss the viral ice cream licker, crime and punishment, racist border patrol Facebook groups, political news, Daniel Caesar flopped, woman leaves 5k tip, serial toilet clogger, man scams a million in romance scheme and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    When I saw the viral video of the ice licker my first thought was, ELECTRIC CHAIR. I am all for prison. Send her ass to juvie for a month with a year of community service. I’m all for people going to jail because some people really need to be there. I think the biggest issue with the industrial prison system is the inequity of how the law is applied to brown, black and poor people vs their rich counterparts. I think any prison reform should include sentencing reform to be applied equally based on the crime and severity of the offence. Not from whether the person is someone you empathize with because they look like you.

  2. 3000

    I think the reason Nancy Pelosi and AOC can’t see eye to eye is because of the era of politics they were brought up in. Nancy started her career in the 1960s while AOC started in 2008. Hell, I started listening to this podcast in high school, so y’all have had a big influence on my personal politics. And yet I still feel the generation gap at times while listening. I can’t really imagine what its like over at Congress.

  3. Querston D.

    I had to comment on Guess the Race when Karen said that it had to have been white people because a black person’s credit limit wouldn’t have been that high, I almost hit the floor. that’s exactly what I was thinking.


    I’m really glad y’all brought up the stuff regarding Immigration, Nancy Pelosi & AOC. Shit’s been bugging me on Twitter from liberals that keep doing this thing, where they shit on a high-profile house member like Pelosi, but won’t put that same anger to Mitch McConnell & other members of the GOP. Honestly, I have all but lost respect from the people who write this shit for a living, accusing Dems of not “doing something” or “taking too long”, when policy initiatives takes awhile to get through the House & Senate. All of this just reminds me of how they bitched & moaned about Barack Obama not doing shit, when all that dude did, was get shit done, but I guess that’s not good enough. Everyday, every week & every month, since Trump’s shit getting found out, this year, with all of these subpoenas & meetings that Dems have had in the house & motherfuckers have been chanting IMPEACHMENT like a goddamn football game. These people carrying water for those Resistanceâ„¢ motherfuckers, who are no different than ADOS & Russian bots, can kick all of the rocks, cuz, it’s like, y’all are willing to get your hopes up on something that will not change the views of Trump voters, who wanted these black & brown kids in these camps. A photo, a photo op by AOC, national tv coverage of Trump on trial or any Democratic politician going to an internment camp will change this shit, cuz the American public sucks & has sucked for fucking ever.

    Regular people who work all day, sucking off the bad vibes of Fox News, MSNBC & CNN, even, regurgitating this shit over & over & having zero criticial thinking into knowing who’s the lesser of two evils. This is how I know people suck, unfortunately, is because they fall into the same shitty habits of not learning from history; not just shitty-ass Conservatives, but liberals, especially the white ones always strattling the fence; & like clockwork, when the shit happens, they’re surprised always, which tells me, they don’t ever want to deal with the reality that the US is a steaming pile of dogshit. They want to stay in la la land about it. Also, back to this impeachment stuff, I’m more convinced then ever, and maybe it’s me with perspective, lately, they want a show or some hopey, inspirational thing, that’ll change the landscape of America, like Andrew Shephard (played by Michael Douglas) speech on the Crime Bill from Rob Reiner’s The American President, which, reeks of utopian bullshit, to me.

    All of this shit was on the ballot in 2016 like Hillary Clinton & Barack & Michelle Obama said it was & yet, here we are, a little over a year from 2020, where Dems can increase their influence on the Senate & the presidency, yet, wokes are doing that dumbass clout chasing woke shit, white liberals are shouting like the quitters that they are, Journalists are reapplying the wrong lessons again & regular people are standing on the sidelines, wondering why there’s no “peace & love” for the millionth god damn time. I want to have hope for 2020, but all this shitting on Pelosi got me thinking about this & it bothers me. She’s not perfect, obviously, no politician is; though, when the American Public lacks pragmatism & willingness to grasp the nature of things, there’s a lot wrong & that’s very troubling.

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