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1947: Kristin “B#tches” Stewart

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Rod and Karen discuss LGBTQ news, Burger King workers fired, Jay-Z won’t own a team, Chris Brown avoids charges, woman fired for racist video, priest blames racist dog for racism, black woman says Trump ruined her white husband, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I honestly don’t known what to make of that story of the black woman with her trump loving husband. My husband is white and I don’t know how I would deal if he was a trump supporter. It’s bad enough my father in law is a trump supporter but he knows not to bring that shit up around me. I side eye the hell out of my father in law though. If those tweets are indeed authentic it sounds like that woman overlooked a lot of the problems that were already there because there is no way that just comes out of the blue.

    As someone who came into my blackness later in life, I can understand how she could miss some of the signs but not all of them. Sounds like she either thought she could change him or that she was not like those other negros so it didn’t bother her at first.

  2. Anne

    Rod, this article about Pumpkin Spice Latte is for your inner white woman of color.

  3. Williams

    Re: Interracial relationships in this Trump Era. Having grown up in Bethesda, MD (DC suburbs), going to a private school with predominately white kids, and currently living in NYC, dating a white girl (who works in finance) from a republican family, this story hit different. Karen’s comment hit home, as I absolutely have friends who came into “blackness” later in life. Personally, playing lacrosse and hockey at 10yrs old – getting called a n****r by opposing players and their parents, then my mom cuss them out, I learned how my blackness was seen by the world at a fairly young age.

    As it pertains to the current situation, my girlfriend and I have gotten into countless arguments about politics, trump, blackness, and overall compassion for those outside of your privileged group. Her family has always been one of those “I don’t necessarily like him but I like his economic outlook” types of people. Even worse to admit is that they have always been pleasant towards me – giving off that “exceptional negro” vibe. They LOVE to tell me about a black family were close with in high school who’s kids they used to drive back and forth to school. I find myself often getting hot, knowing how nice they are when I am around, while also knowing they could support a blatant bigot, misogynist, homophobe, etc.

    One of the thing the woman in the article did not mention was kids and looking forward (assuming they want kids). I often remind my girlfriends family that our child will be biracial and will therefore be seen as black. This is a reality I often see going unaddressed when discussing interracial relationships. Things such as what schools to send them to, what to name our child and how that will affect them later in life, the kids you allow them to hang out with, all become complicated depending on your situation and environment. As I’m sure many of your listeners have experienced, black children are indoctrinated into the real world earlier than most other groups, simply because we are black and therefore targets in every way possible.

    Apologize for the long note, this story just really hit and wanted to provide some live examples for some of the points you all made. I can’t speak to any of this woman’s experience but can personally tell you it is a challenge almost everyday. With that said, you try to make it work the best you can and make the best of this current state, while keeping in mind racism etc. was here way before Trump and isn’t going anywhere when he leaves. I think I try to see the best in people and pray that the turmoil he’s cause will wake up those “on the fence” people.

    This was my first comment – thank you for taking the time to read it. I completely understand if this was too long – just tried to get some thoughts out and add some context. A white friend put me onto Dem Thrones like 5+ yrs ago (shout out to Hot Fiya Starter) and I first heard y’all back when Arya first got to Bravos. Keep doing what y’all do. Much love.


  4. mlagman

    Re: IMDB Dead Names
    This reminded me of a recent thing that happened with my friend “B” who transitioned from male to female a few years ago. As a cis-het woman, I never thought about a name being a deal — you just take your name for granted. Well, my husband does taxes, and B is one of his clients, but this last year my husband wanted to downsize his clientele, so he was telling a lot of his clients that he was letting them go and giving them referrals. However, my husband told B that he would keep doing her taxes. At this point B teared up and thanked him — but not because my husband is such a great accountant. B said that her tax forms are the only place where her birth name still is, and it brings up so much shame for her. She didn’t want anyone else to see it, and she trusts my husband with that information about her. I never realized that it could matter so much, but it does, so I hope all those dead names get taken off. Thanks for covering these stories and keeping the information going around as we all continue to learn and grow. Love, Mary

  5. HiroJa Shibe

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