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1955: Spoken Word Denial

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Rod and Karen discuss A Black Lady Sketch Show, some random thoughts, Malik Yoba removed from Phi Beta Sigma Youth Program, Berry Gordy donates to Motown Museum, people not liking you, man steals propane tanks and brisket, man shoots boss, woman beats neighbor to death with brick and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Trey_Swindu744

    I absolutely loved “A Black Lady Sketch Show” it’s hilarious and its been so great seeing black women get to perform comedy from their own perspective . And I just don’t understand black folks hating on it just wanting to say it’s corny or they are”making black comedy for white people” – what in the hell does that mean!!!!!

    I remember Rae Sanni(who writes for show) had the best clapback to critics of the show –

    “I miss REAL black comedy from the 90s” when lol your favorite episode was written by a white Harvard dude.”

    Just enjoy something people ,for once in your life —-shit and it’s ok if you don’t like this . But why waste time and energy shitting on it online – just say it’s not for you and keep it moving.

    Overall I’m just thankful for “A Black Lady Sketch Show”, “Southside”,”Sherman’s Showcase” because I of course was upset about Insecure and Atlanta being delayed another year , all three of these new shows have definitely filled that void . It just again shows the brilliance of black comedy and black art ,we can come at things from all kinds of angles and no matter what – that shits gonna be dope !

  2. Iman

    Noooooo, I wasn’t ready! I thought maybe he’d written a lame poem or something. But a whole wack ass rap!!?? And the “sexy” “I’m a deep dude” voice at the end? Oh lord, no. GUILTY.

    Hey y’all,
    Thank you for talking about and showing love to “A Black Lady Sketch Show”!!! I love it too! Every episode the sketches just got more funny. And they’re smart because some were hilarious but also really touched my heart! Like the “On My Own” sketch, I sent it to my sister and that’s what got her to start watching! She LOVES Pattie and she’s going through a divorce. I definitely had to find the right group of people to discuss the show with, because I did not understand the initial hate. Or some black women complaining they couldn’t relate. Like our experience is SO many things. It’s not just one experience. And even if you can’t relate, it’s still funny!!! So it was exciting to hear y’all give it love. And can’t wait for next season! And the cameos!!! Maaaan every black actor who’s endeared to the community bout to show up! Robin is a beast!! That 227 sketch! Ok I’m gonna leave it there.

    Love y’all,

  3. SymSymma

    Malik Yoba did it and he doesn’t seem remorseful. That was insane. Lean in to your creativity? He sounds like the terrible version spoken word version of Robin Thede’s Chris character. Shout out to A Black Lady Sketch Show. Yerp!

    And Rod’s freestyle almost got me in trouble. The one day in months I’m in the office and I had to hide under my desk, LMAO.

  4. Anonymous

    Malik… what in the pu ba de scoop?

    He definitely did that shit

  5. brooklynshoebabe

    Man, that old man sleep pose is the joint. Sometimes I come home from work with the express purpose of sleeping like an old man. Lmao. My daughters sleep like victims 1 and 2 like someone came in and bopped them on the head –just sprawled out like a starfish.

  6. Anonymous

    Rod, your spoken word freestyle was cold as fuck.

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