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SMR 259: Rambo: Last Blood

Rod and Karen review the final chapter in the Rambo saga, “Rambo: Last Blood.” We also discuss movie trailers and a comment on our Fast Color review.



    Boy, did Slyvester Stallone go full Mad Stan in this joint. Rambo 5 is my least favorite in the franchise, since, I’m so used to these films being in a jungle; so, it being set on John Rambo’s ranch, Mexico or really shitty driving scenes that looked like they were obviously done on-set, it was different. There were awesome kills, classic heavy-handed Stallone dialogue (that shit with him & Paz Vega looking at each other about girls being killed by the cartel, was forcibly laughable) & a damn farm is destroyed. Yet, still, old-ass Rambo got to ride off into the sunset with a big ass gut wound, after he killed all them brown dudes. Rambo truly is an Impossible White Man legend.

  2. Anzidavis

    IHi Rod & Karen, I was here for the old man Rambo killing people because they messed with the wrong child. I was clutching my pearls and laughing this impossible old man movie.

    I know you said that you probably won’t see Hustlers unless someone told you about Cardi B and Lizzo cameos – so Lizzo was in 2 scenes with 1 having dialogue & Cardi was in 4 scenes with 3 having dialogue but they were only in the 1st 30 min of the movie but Keke Palmer picks up when they leave for the laughter, Constance Wu & Jenny from the block were good. A good popcorn movie to see with the Aunties & Uncles matinee time.

  3. Selester63

    Hey Rod & Karen,

    The main reason I went to this movie was to see Rambo creatively and viciously kill as many motherfuckers as possible, so mission accomplished. It started out a little slow, but it picked up nicely. Unfortunately, hardheaded Gabrielle had to take that L but we all knew that had to happen to get Rambo back in killer mode. When Gustavo (shout out to Snowfall) let Rambo live when he (and his 100 henchmen) could have easily killed him, I was like “now you know you done fucked up right” (shout out to Bill Duke). And that scene at the end, when Rambo cut out Gustavo’s heart…Nigga, I bust out laughing so hard. That shit was great. Overall, I enjoyed the movie and they left it open for possibly another one but I guess we’ll see.
    Have a good one, peace.

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