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1962: Return Of The Reviews!

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Rod and Karen discuss listener feedback.

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  1. Iman

    Hi Rod and Karen!

    Just catching up on episodes, I saved some because I had a few long drives ahead of me to visit clients. But I just wanted to say thank you Karen! You’re so sweet for trying to suggest ways I might enjoy pumpkin spice.
    But Rod, had to interrupt you! Just like a nigga! Trying to tell black women what they do and don’t deserve!
    Keep your little psl Rod, I didn’t like it anyway!*

    (In my normal sweet voice)
    But honestly, I think I just don’t like how overpowering the scent of pumpkin spice is and overly sweet. Like I love pumpkin bread and pumpkin muffins. But meh to the coffee, drinks, candy, candles etc.

    *back to the anger

    So forget you and ya little laté Rod! Love you as always Karen! I see now Rod is like all them other niggas! Hashtag Black men are trash.*

    Love you guys!
    Excited about catching up!

  2. bamil73

    Hey Morrows

    Since you brought up our blackface scandal I just wanted to give a little context on Canadian politics, ya hoser.

    By all accounts, Justin Trudeau was a bro-ey rich white boy. He came to social conscientiousness later in life. I don’t say this to diminish his actions, but I do believe that he regrets his stupidity. I will most likely vote for his party, the Liberal Party of Canada. I certainly won’t vote for the conservatives. The right in Canada likes to infer that it’s not as far right as the American right but they ain’t slick. While healthcare is enshrined in our charter of rights, the current conservative party leader has made statements in the past questioning abortion rights, and pointedly avoided all the pride parades. Most party leaders make a point to attend at least one pride parade. He’s also courted some alt right elements. In terms of policy, I prefer the NDP, New Democratic Party. They are further left of the Liberals and their leader is brown. He is a Sikh named Jagmeet Singh. Unfortunately they are running less than 20% in the polls while the Liberals are 39 and conservatives are 40. I would rather give the Liberals my vote than split the left vote

    Lastly I still fux with Justin because of his daddy. I probably wouldn’t be in Canada if it wasn’t for him. When he was Prime Minister in the 60s and 70s, he championed multiculturalism. He believed that Canada should welcome immigrants from all over the world, not just Europe. One of the ideas he promoted was that immigrants can be fully Canadian, and still keep the culture of their home country. Thanks to stuff like that, you can see Nike hijabs.

    All that to say, Justin Trudeau should eat a Dracarys for that dumb shit, but I’m still going to fuck with him on election day.


  3. Felix

    Hi yall. Felix here. Just to offer a little bit of context on what I said about the Brexit stuff. How I understand the situation to be is basically our prime minister asked the queen to prorogue parliament so the house of commons would be stopped from convening so he could try and force through whatever his people were gonna try and do to make Brexit happen on their terms and without the opposition party being able to challenge them. I dont think the queen can actually go against the party in power in cases like this so she did it and our democratically elected MPs weren’t able to do much until recently when some MPs were able to get the high court in Scotland to get the ball rolling on overturning the situation and the supreme court ruled it unlawful. It was a pretty intense week but at least now we’ve established you cant just basically shut down the government and force stuff through like that.

    It’s a pretty obscure law that I think in general it’s an unspoken rule not to go about business that way but what you gonna do. It’s been a very overwhelming 3 years since that Brexit vote and all you ever see on the news is nonstop Brexit talk. It’s a complete deadlock because the vote was that close that the argument feels like itll never cease. Just gotta take the small victories and try and be vigilant no matter how soul sucking and saddening things are right now. I may have a few details off but I think that’s the gist of it. I try to only check in a couple times a week otherwise I’d be so drained all the time. We’re a mess too yall Haha. Felix out.

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