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1966: Sunday Service Sell Out

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Rod and Karen discuss Eddie Murphy returning to stand up, George Carlin, 6ix9ine returning to music, Kanye’s Sunday Service sells out in minutes, 6th grade black girl has dreads cut by white bullies, cop who arrested black six years update, Swizz Beatz on his kid being called the n-word,woman falls in love with dj at her wedding, mom leaves kids in apartment to go to McDonald’s, man gets prison for letting his son drive a car that hit another kid and sword ratchetness.

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  1. chubbzero

    Hello Karen and rod. I gotta say I was once a huge yeezy fan. I even named my rescue pit pablo after my favorite kanye album. I even let that rebel flag fiasco slide. But when he popped up on tmz talking about slavery was a choice, I had to step back. So now he’s got a new album coming out. Like you said rod, it’ll be easy to ignore him if its wack. But what if it’s fiyah? You know most rappers, if not all like to talk about their past experiences. What if kanye get on a dope ass beat but he talking about when he went to the white house and kissed trump’s ass. It’s a no for me dawg.

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