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PG 211: Keeping The Baby

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss Amber Guyger conviction sparks debate online, minding your business, working on a new premium show, shuckin and jiving, splitting the check, vacation budgets, parking, remembering bdays, John Edwards, pre-game news and listener feedback.


  1. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    Just 2 things: For Justin, I remember thinking on a couple of occassions “I wonder if Justin is a Cancer…” I know you feel like you’re not an “emotional” person, but everyone is. Maybe “sensitive” is the word you equated emotional with? BTW, we’re sensitive too! I see a fellow Cancer in you, LoL. I think it’s a great sign! I always say “Cancers are the bestest!” Gotta rep for your team! Lmao

    For Rod: I can believe that you’ve never smoked, but I figured you weren’t interested, which is perfectly fine. As the “good kid” people made it a MISSION to get me high, though I didn’t start until college. But it’s weird that you’re *willing* to try & no one has jumped at the chance! I’d PAY to see a high Rod! So…did Justin come through on his promise?

  2. katrese206

    OMGGGGGG, I miss Baller Alert & Groupie Tales so much!! So, to know that you’re going to make them easily available again made my Friday morning!! I’d actually been thinking of a similar project that I wish y’all would do… but, it would be even more daunting than this one. There are so many hilarious moments in every episode that I thought it’d be cool if y’all could do “best of” episodes are clips that highlight some of the funniest moments… again, I know that would take a whole lot of time… so, not asking… but, will continue to secretly hope 🙂

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