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1973: Dr. Dude Bro

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Rod and Karen recap the Walking Dead.

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  1. Evie E

    I completely forgot that TWD was coming back on. But I’m glad to have it back for your recaps which I look forward to. Carol did Zeke so dirty but I hope he wins her back Detroit style because he knows how cold it can get in the D.
    I know this is a far out prediction, but I think Negan might try to smash Michonne’s cakes. Don’t know why I want this to happen just that with Rick gone, the nights get lonely and who is Michonne gonna cuddle with? Scott? No one even remembers who scott is.

    The best part of the episode is remembering that Henry is dead. Hope he’s rotting in hell.

  2. Phil G

    This new doctor guy will be trading healthcare for cheeks before the end of the season most likely.

  3. Tootietaurus

    And we’re back!! I was on the Fear ride so this no breaks thing is cool. I enjoyed the season opener. The pacing was good, however I agree that the conversation repeats were all Greg Nicotero! I liked having the episodes set up as chapters. It was a nice change of pace. Michonne misses her man. Giril, we all do!! Thanks for the recap yall!!

  4. Iman

    I’m so excited!!!!
    Thank y’all for bringing the recaps back! I know over the years you both talk about how the show is loosing viewers, but because of your recaps it gained one!
    I loved the start of this episode! If only they yelled out “THIS IS SPARTA!!”, but then again the 300 all died so maybe not.
    Maaaaan I wish I could pull niggas like Rosita. A man to check my baby’s health, a man to smash, and a man to babysit? And all I have to do is breastfeed and work on myself?
    Work Release Negan (Funko POP idea) is going to be so much fun this season. I can’t wait!
    And PLEASE let the Darryl and Connie ship fully manifest. Please show runners please!

    Endnote: King Zek is so damn thirsty. . .but I love it.

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