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1977: Racism False Alarm

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Rod and Karen discuss the EmoBlackThot controversy, Kanye discusses Kim’s sexy outfits, Justin Timberlake collabing with black artists again, CA paying for student lunches, man stalks pop star via her selfies, Gina Rodriguez says the n-word, Howard let’s Kanye perform at homecoming, man reports carjacking to cover affair, vendor charges $74 for 2 beers, man arrested on tricycle and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    I don’t understand the vitriol people feel toward Gina Rodriguez but then again, I feel like people are always looking for an excuse to be mad about something. She could have made some blunders and said some racially insensitive things but the way people go at her you would think she’s done some Lena Dunham, Tammy Lawrence, level shit. I don’t get it.

    As for Kayne, the man is if nothing else savvy. It didn’t escape me that he didn’t wear his MAGA hat to the howard campus or that he didn’t spout anything about his support and love for Donald Trump. He knows which audience to play to with that bullshit. And he’s kind of right about cancel culture. What the heck is it anyway?

  2. Whoopsie

    I understand why some people are defending Lebron, but boy are some of those protesters pissed. I wonder how his words are being reported overseas.

  3. btouch

    Ok, Carmen Klan-Diego took me down LMAO.

    I’ve known enough Latinx people of varying shades to know that the n-word rules are, in practice, arcane (and patriarchal), so this Gina Rodriguez controversy is…weird to me.

    I dunno; she just gon have to be more careful…and/or executive produce The Angela Davis Story. Or start listening to instrumentals?

  4. Anne

    Random question: if there can be a white presenting black person can there also be a black presenting white person?

  5. Kim

    Heyyy Rod and Karen! Thank you for the insight on the Lebron situation. There is always something brewing and I just don’t have the energy to jump down every rabbit hole. I also figure you will discuss it on the show. I’m usually not on Twitter anymore but I followed this person who would come on and say “who we fake mad at today”. It was so funny then and true today. I appreciate this podcast for keeping me in the know .

  6. Jaris Cole

    Great discussion of the LeBron-China-HK fiasco. Honestly, my first reaction was disappointment since I’m seeing the situation here in Hong Kong play out in person. I hoped he would say something. But honestly, the recent shooting in Forth Worth of Atatiana Jefferson kinda sapped my energy for this situation. It just wasn’t as serious as people made it to be. I joked that I just wanted him to shut up and dribble, but that was mainly related to the reaction. As you two discussed, the reaction was overblown and people came in with their agendas. Politicians on both sides chimed in and piled on as well as other groups. It quickly got outta hand as things want to do. It was a perfect scenario (sport + politics + money) to conflate all kinds of things and nobody could pass up an opportunity to dunk on the king.

    Nailed the response to Gina Rodriguez. Solid show again.

  7. Marie Bermuda

    I just wanted to say that I don’t respect this Justin Timberlake new album bulllllccrrraaapppp. That Man of the Woods shit didn’t sell like his “black” albums, so here he comes again. Ugh. If it bops though, I’ll be MFING pissed hahaha.

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