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1981: Rage Yoga

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Rod and Karen discuss black history in pop culture, Kanye West, Lori Harvey hit and run, Barney movie, Netflix cutting down on password sharing, Sallie Mae vacation, Rihanna, racist civil rights investigator, Madison declare racism public health crisis, Papa John’s and Shaq invest in HBCUs, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. Iman

    Omg new voice of the TBGWT’s intro?!? That was so surprising! Sexy! I like the second one too!
    My first set of roommates at AAMU (yay HBCUs!!) were from Oklahoma and I looked at them the same way folks would look at me when I tell them I grew up in Nebraska. I said “They didn’t run all the black people out of Oklahoma after the race riots?” They knew about it, but say people didn’t really talk about it that much from where they were from, they also weren’t amused.
    It’s definitely a little know fact in American history and I only learned about it after the movie “Rosewood” came out, I was in Jr. High and because I wasn’t allowed to go see the movie, I just researched. The internet was super young back then (Shoutout to those AOL cds), so it led me down a rabbit hole of injustice. I asked my dad about it and he confirmed that a lot of riots like that happened all over America. And he reminded me of all the racism he and my mom had to endure in Nebraska. Which was news to me. Growing up there, I thought racism was just a “southern thing” and I meet a lot of people today who still think that way. The first time my nephew was called “nigger” was after my sister’s family moved to Seattle. Not here in Alabama.
    After that incident my sister said she just wanted to move somewhere, anywhere in the world where her boys would be safe from racism and bigotry. I told her, “There’s no place on earth like that honey, there is always something.”

    In my Chris Rock voice*
    “Ain’t no happiness nowhere”.

    That line always makes me laugh when things are shitty. That’s why fighting is so important, you can’t always run from certain problems.

    Love y’all,

  2. Felix

    The more books I read on black african/black British history and the history of the world in general, the more I’ve embraced the conversations that happen when everyone learns through media like watchmen. Watching folks get to know about something I’ve been aware of for a while was cool. Everyone sharing resources for folks to learn more and inform themselves. Was cool to see. Not everyone has time to go out of their way to inform themselves so stuff like watchmen highlighting specific moments in history on this big a platform always feels good. Also helps that I want regina king to choke me with her biceps. She was so good in the show.

    • Felix

      Also, I feel like that intro was specifically for your black brit fans. Bless you guys.

  3. Ronasia

    Hey rod and Karen. People want black content but don’t support black content. Then people get mad when the show gets cancelled they act surprised. I actually wanted to see confederate. If a show is good I am watching it. Like the controversy with the harriet movie. I am just happy her story is being told.

  4. Michelle

    The story about what happened to the black soldiers at Camp Logan is a well known story in Houston, at least for people who know the city’s history. An interesting side note is that the camp grounds where it happened is part of a larger city park, called Memorial Park. They have a sign showing where the camp is that can be missed by anyone who doesn’t know to look for it. I never checked to see if there is a historical marker but I do remember hearing the story behind the sign.

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