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Rod and Karen discuss the lies going around about the Harriet movie, people lying about the Obama’s, Solange’s divorce, John Legend says he and Kanye not that tight, Australia wants to use face unlock tech for porn, Rod’s random thoughts, construction joy ride, man decapitates cat in Arby’s, man asks to have sex with animals and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    Why do you insist on slandering Arby’s. I was at Arby’s on Tuesday and and had the petite filet sandwich. It was delicious and the restraunt was full of customers. They have the meats. Keep slandering Arby’s and I’m going to send you Arby’s gift cards for Christmas.

  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Karen,

    The hatred on Harriet that I saw unfolding and wound up muting was unreal. The only people I saw countering the lies being told were you and Kriss. I didn’t understand the need to lie and then it dawned on me that aside from the obvious, the people who didn’t see the film, you had the people who went to see the film in a rage and allowed their anger to warp their perceptions of what they saw. The danger of the latter is why I didn’t go see Joker, when you are looking for the worst, you will find it, even if it isn’t there because not enjoying it becomes your enjoyment. This is how you get people who watch a film, a show or listen to music years later and ask themselves why they hated it when it was new, they had unaddressed anger and made the movie, show, or song the focus of their fury.

    As for the Obamas, the attacks on them just made me sad. The behaviors of the Twitter Fingers tribe is literally the reason why we have the president we do. Why do anything active and beneficial to the world when you can sit in your living room and, “Stunt on them hoes.”

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