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1988: Petty Labelle

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Rod and Karen discuss feelings around Frederick Douglass’ interracial marriage and how they connect to today, Karen’s early Christmas present, 911 operator binging Netflix at work, Anthony Mackie divorce, Kanye number 1 again, Patti Labelle movie about people who dissed her, Seth Meyers, minimum wage working out for NYC, bride takes money but no wedding, Buffalo Wild Wings racism, Papa John still mad, older black dems homophobia being blamed for Mayor Pete’s low poll numbers, man steals Wal-Mart cart, Popeye’s stabbing, crossbow grandma and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    I laughed and laughed at that scamming ass bride. When you do your white woman voice, Rod, I laugh so hard my stomach hurts. There are so many bridezilla stories out there, this would be such a funny segment if you ever thought about it in the future. Either way, it’s such a treat when you read these stories.

  2. Ramsey Pussybow

    I am listening to the episode at work this am. Thank you both for providing your insights and opinions on black women dating, etc. I am cool with people dating and loving on whomever they choose.
    You two continue to be Couple Inspirations! Five Stars!!!

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