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SMR 265: Jojo Rabbit

Rod’s latest solo review is the comedy satire coming of age in Nazi Germany story, “Jojo Rabbit.” I also discussed some trailers and your comments on my other solo reviews.


  1. logan2x1

    Hey y’all,

    Thanks for this review Rod! I was on the fence about seeing this film, but after your review I really wanted to see it. I love “What They Do In The Shadows”, and Taika definitely didn’t disappoint with this movie. We drove 45 minutes to the nearest theater that was showing it, because they weren’t showing it in our city, which I don’t understand why. Who knows, maybe they were afraid of insulting Nazis?

    Anyway, this film rode the line of funny and serious really well. Like other listeners, I had a difficult time laughing. But not because I was worried about being inappropriate, but because some of the things in the movie are things Nazis really believed. Or at least made propaganda about when it came to Jews, Blacks, and other groups of people. My husband was cracking up A LOT and that eased my tension. All the actors did an amazing job! Taika did a great job of showing how ridiculous Nazis were.


  2. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod,

    I hit you up on twitter after listening to your review and said you made me decide to go see Jojo Rabbit. I just wanted t follow up and let you know I really enjoyed the film and I am planning on seeking out more of Mr. Watiti’s films. The way in which he brought both the horror and the tragic, unintentional humor of a world where Hitler as an entity keeps bing reproduced was masterful. Scarlet Johansson reminded me that she can act and Rebel Wilson showed she can be more than the fat joke in a film. Unfortunately, the truth of the actresses as people will likely keep a lot of people who would enjoy the film from going to see it. I recommend that anyone who can separate the roles from the actors playing the roles give Jojo Rabbit a chance.


    I was a little nervous about Taika Watiti’s Jojo Rabbit, at first. At the beginning of the movie while he’s playing Hitler, I was taken aback a little bit, not because it was offensive, it was more of knowing if it was OK to laugh at it. There was a couple a couple of rows next to me laughing & it was then I knew, it was OK to laugh. It was very good film. Scarlett Johansson was exceptional in it, as were the child actors. It’s also the first time I managed to not be annoyed by Rebel Wilson. Now I gotta watch Taika earlier films. Dude’s a natural.

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