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1993: A Real Sh*t Show

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Rod and Karen discuss asking questions when you don’t know, trying new things, National Enquirer tried to give R Kelly money, Issa Rae on shutting up, Bill Gates taken out of context, active shooter drills, Summer Walker quits tour, Irv Gotti pulled gun on daughter’s boyfriend, Drake booed by Tyler The Creator fans, homeless man hurls poop on woman, H&M controversy, Popeyes worker body slams woman, Ben Carson, Eddie Levert scolds black people over Popeyes, Russian professor kills girlfriend, Chicago man smears feces on cars, woman dreams she swallow engagement ring and she actually did and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    The lady who got body slammed at Popeyes chicken probably didn’t deserve to get her body broken to that extent but I bet she won’t say that shit out in public again. So maybe she’ll serve as a reminder to her family members that Trump may be present but don’t get your ass beat by being reckless.

  2. Amani

    Y’all niggas ain’t shit for that Samurai Champloo music at the end! Had me crying laughing at my desk.

  3. Anonymous

    Aye look, that OJ’s remix yall did about the popeyes chicken shit hit hard as fuck!!…line skippers?!?!?, LMMFAO!!

  4. AkaDimiX

    You mentioned black people not doing things they don’t think “black people do.” So for years I only wore Nikes and Adidas because I thought ASICS and Mizunos were bobos. Rod, when I first tried on some of those damn ASICS, they were like pillows on my feet. I felt hoodwinked that my prejudice had me missing out of this gentrified foot comfort for all these years.

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