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2001: Black Capitalists

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Rod and Karen discuss Love Jones, using the bathroom at work, some random thoughts, LGBTQ news, MJ movie, Ruth Bader Ginsburg hospitalized, Black Capitalists, Noname hints at unhealthy fan/artist relationships, boy arrested for terrorizing Burger King, woman runs over two at school, woman runs into school bus and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Ms. Smart

    As you were talking about how the general (Black) public treats our young Black celebs, I started to think about how treating people as if they are disposable happens similarly in dating. Every new person is the greatest, until they aren’t and are replaced, by the next ‘better’ thing—sometime through slow gaslighting. When the discard happens, the discarder gets pissed if the discarded actually expresses displeassure, becomes unavailable, saves themselves, etc. Much like when these young ladies decide to have a reasonable reaction to the trauma the public causes, leaves, makes their talents unavailable, and saves themselves, the same public that caused trauma and discarded the young women get pissed at the women. So basically, the community is pulling some brand of narcissism.

  2. Janica

    I am so glad I was working from home when I heard this episode because I SCREAMED when Karen said she had that piece of tissue hanging from her. LMAO. I hate the bathroom at my job because it’s usually dirty. There’s so many stuck up white people there yet two weeks ago I went in there and someone SHAT on the damn toilet seat. I was so fucking mad. People are truly gross.

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