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2003: Wife Wars

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Rod and Karen discuss black resistance, your body when you overthink, Tamir Rice booklet for kids, racial profiling during Harriet movie, Patrick Patterson apologizes, Black Capitalists, stripper kicks man in balls, burrito thief, naked man scares tourists and sword ratchetness.

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  1. BSBbabe

    Love the new Black Capitalism segment especially Karen’s reactions. I am also still enjoying Reading Rainbow because it lends itself to conversations. Keep it out of you can.

  2. Robert Adriel Terry

    I have to start back listening live in the chat, so I can help y’all pronounce these confusing ass Louisiana city names… because there’s ALWAYS an article about some ‘Cismâ„¢ happening here.

  3. mlagman

    I loved the open of this episode! I think it’s why I’ve really enjoyed the book excerpts to start the show. The reading sparked a theoretical and historical discussion and then moved to present day examples and then your own personal experiences with the concept. Perfect. I really got an understanding of things and it got me thinking. The podcast in general is a fun show with lots of laughs, but don’t get it twisted – you guys are geniuses at your craft. Sorry to the listener who isn’t digging the book stuff, but I hope it keeps on going. Best, Mary

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