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PG 217: Mayo Madness

Rod and Justin are joined by Karen to discuss Black Friday deals, gift giving, YMCA basketball, Kamala Harris drops out of primary, Mayor Pete, Queen and Slim arguments, Black Jesus, His Dark Materials and listener feedback.


  1. jamielscorpio

    What up Rod Karen and J. Nature. I must say it takes a special type of person to get there ass whooped and run up on a person again within minutes with out no type of aid or anything for a second helping of ass kicking.
    But I have gotten off course for why I am messaging y’all. Man thanks for putting me on that American Scandal Podcast I listened to every episode. My big take away this white ppl not as clever as they thought. Problem is the people who allow them to get away with shit. Also if you haven’t yet check out the Legal Wars podcast. It is done by the same people. But Hill Harper does the narrations. And in the first season it explains how Hulk Hogan and Paypal brought down Deadspin. Peace

  2. rodimusprime

    Y’all. I’ve went into a TBGWT Premium pit, listening to a while bunch of old episodes. I originally listened to a few classic SMR, a spoiled review that turned into Impossible White Mab’n (Furious 7), and then I landed on this gem of pre-game episode.

    This episode (Aired May 2016) featured Rod, Karen and B. Cole. From Justin naming NAMES of the people he’d have a polygamous relationship with, to Rod talking about if praying against pregnancy is technically murder, to Justin pretending his way through his final presentation for school, I was laughing OUT LOUD. I’m caught up on BDS, but sometimes I don’t even remember the latest episode when it comes to feedback time lol.

    The one thing I did want to say thank you for was the commentary on the fight that happened that resulted in someone getting hit with a helmet on the field. I saw the clip, i knew none of the backstory, and in that moment I felt scared for the guy that got hit with the helmet. Idk if the guy (Myles Garrett??) ended up getting removed permanently, but I could see him at least getting benched for several games. That other guy could’ve got killed, at a minimum CTE or some type of brain injury. And the fact that the other guy ended up getting fined for trying to pull a helmet off is absolutely fair in my opinion. Racism aside (which is not a sentence I say frequently but here we are), someone can get severely, permanently hurt getting not with a helmet, therefore the punishment should match the crime.
    I don’t watch sports, but I love staying up to date through Pre-Game and BDS. Look forward to hearing from you all soon!


  3. rodimusprime

    Dear Rod, Karen and Justin,
    Have you ever thought of putting the phrase “Oh, it’s joke time” on a tee shirt. I’d buy that. Or even “got the evil inside.” Any time you say that, I know I’m in for a great story.


  4. Kemdoc

    Hey Rod, Karen, and Juquan,

    I have to say I am sooo appreciative of the discussion regarding Kamala. I have always been rooting for her even though she has her shyt to her. I wanted her to get on that debate stage and ragtag dude, but alas that ain’t happening. There were just enough untruths sprinkled over the top of her prosecutorial record to turn parts of the black community against her. Any real threats are in the crosshairs to be dismantled by the bots. And as ineffective as we hope the propaganda machine is, it is extremely on point. Liz Warren is in the crosshairs now. We’ll see if she can fight through it and get her message out there.

    I think the states the Dems won in 2016 they will win again. Florida is gone, don’t save her! Focus on registering people in Philly, Detroit, and Milwaukee. Pennsylvania, Michigan, Wisconsin will win it. If you can pick up some other states, that’s great. I wish we were in the mindset where we think “win this shyt and win it decisively so there’s no questions or investigations.”

    Still tryna stay hopeful,

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