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SMR 271: The Last Black Man In San Francisco

Rod and Justin discuss “The Last Black Man In San Francisco.”


  1. Miss1ko

    Loved your take on this meeting. The intimacy between men without romance and the absence of women WITHOUT underlying misogyny and with an emphasis of non-verbal communication between those two brothers.

    I didn’t love the movie instantly but I immediately recognized and respected it’s artistry.
    I feel like this is like guys making music without fronting but it is not shown a lot.

    A beautiful friendship of choice and effort. “You my folks!”

    Again great review Justin and Rod.

  2. rodimusprime

    Hey guys, Jonquavious_c, loved this movie, and loved the review. Another way of viewing Jimmie rowing on the boat is Jimmie embracing the despair that awaits him. The sea is generally used as symbolic of life itself and all the terrible things that comes with life. In the movie, Jimmie took to the somewhat choppy seas in a rowboat. Yikes. Where he’s actually headed, to another city, or even another neighborhood in San Fran, isn’t really important. What is important is that he accepted the truth and moved forward.

  3. rodimusprime

    What up Rod and J Gentrification,

    I saw The Last Black man in San Francisco and I also loved it immediately. That scene with the play was one of the best moments I’ve seen at the movies this year. Since I’ve seen it, I’ve thrown it on for background several times and I always notice something different. It definitely rewards repeat viewings, and it’s 4.99 to buy digitally on Vudu now.

    I’d like to take some time to recommend a couple films that I don’t think are getting enough love. “The Boy Who Harnessed the Wind” dropped early this year on Netflix and it blew me away on mad levels. Chiwetel Ejiofor(12 years a slave) wrote, directed and starred in this and knocked it out the park. I also like that it’s a non US based Black experience. You gonna feel like you can do anything after seeing it! It definitely ain’t getting enough love IMO.

    Last one for the horror/thriller heads is “Sweetheart” which just popped up on Netflix. It’s Castaway mixed with a little bit of Predator but get this, it stars a Black Woman, Kearsy Clemmons from “Dope”. The monster is a lil wonky but it’s solid. I need more films like this starring black women!

    I’m loving this run of SMR Screener reviews, y’all are putting in work, it’s highly appreciated!

    I’m out!

    Cory Bowens


  4. logan2x1

    Hey y’all!
    Thank you for reviewing this movie! I did not expect you to review it at all. I put the movie in my watch list on Amazon prime after I saw your post about it. I was super serious about making sure that no one died near the end. So I fast forwarded to the end to see if I’d be traumatized or not. Thanks “Queen & Slim”. But I agree with yalls assessment of this movie. It was so beautiful and the music really added to the feeling of it. Justin’s take of the ending took me off guard. I definitely didn’t take him rowing out as a suicide or suicidal act.
    But what I loved the most is seeing a movie about a purely platonic relationship and it wasn’t toxic. It reminded me of how I would try to explain the intimacy of Steven Universe. So many adults took fusion to be a take on sex. But I always took it as various forms of intimacy. Which is why I love watching it with my daughter. This movie reminded me of that. So many people don’t understand what intimacy looks like when it comes to friendships. Or they make fun of it when it comes to men. This movie was so refreshing! I’m not upset over the lack of black women. I would also want to see a film like this staring black women.
    Thanks again for putting me on to this movie and thanks for reviewing it.



    I actually saw this right after seeing Avengers: Endgame for the fifth time back in late-June. I loved how nuanced it was & it wasn’t heavy-handed like black films like Queen & Slim & Sorry to Bother You. Jimmy Fails was good, but this film BELONGED to one Jonathan Majors. His character’s story was the most involving of all. No scene is wasted, neither is the dialogue. Compelling to the end. Joe Talbot made a brilliant film. Loved it.

  6. ClassicRandBLover

    Hey Rod and Justin,

    I really appreciate your review of The Last Black Man in San Francisco. I wanted to see this film, but it never came to my local theater. Hopefully it will air somewhere I have access to, so I can watch it.

  7. Anzidavis

    Rod, this was such a good movie about male intimacy, glad you like it.

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