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2010: Kohl World

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Rod and Karen discuss gender identity before there was terminology to describe it, Killer Mike on feminism, Michelle Obama doesn’t make Forbes 100, Gabby Union speaks out on America’s Got Talent controversy, GA voter purge, Cam’ron doesn’t believe in dinosaurs, 50 Cent calls out Oprah, Lizzo discusses struggling emotionally, Kid Rock rants on Oprah, Cheerleader gets huge settlement, Marilyn Mosby, woman tries to set boyfriend on fire, man took 88K from Wells Fargo vault, man arrested for sitting naked outside of Kohl’s and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Anonymous

    In regards to people saying that Lizzo’s music is for white people, I wish everyone would realize that all the current music we have is because of black people. We would all be listening to orchestral music if not for the musical genius of black people. I mean I get that some stuff that white people like is pretty corny, but corny can also be pretty good sometimes, so that hasn’t really stopped black people from liking corny shit either. Either way black people will continue to create great art and I hope white people will keep supporting it because black people deserve our support and we just damn well owe it to them. I mean I get black people being suspicious of white people liking the stuff they create. It wasn’t that long ago that white people would steal their shit out from under them and get rich off of it, while the black person basically starved. And it’s not like this country has ever really recognized the enormous contributions that black people have made to literally every fiber of this country. I get it, it makes sense and I am actually more surprised that more black people don’t feel that way. I am very glad you guys don’t because in a totally non-fetishistic way, I love black people. I want to see all of us come together and rise up and pick each other up. It tears me up the way this country has been going and I just don’t understand it. Thanks as always for this podcast. I always mean to comment but work gets in the way, haha.

    • Marci

      This long post from Anonymous is me…sorry I didn’t realize I wasn’t logged in.

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