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2017: Talking Politics

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Rod and Karen are joined by J-L Cauvin to discuss Eric Holder, democratic primary politics, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News, White People News, masturbating man beats old man up, man robs bank and makes it rain, woman shoots at husband and his girlfriend and sword ratchetness.

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  1. brooklynshoebabe

    Happy New Year!
    I loved this episode. Usually, episodes with the focus on politics are hard for me to take sometimes but I thoroughly enjoyed J-L’s commentary on the Democratic candidates. Cory Booker is if Junior from Black-ish grew up! That line just about slayed me. As we get closer to the primaries and the elections, I hope you can find a way to have J-L come in a few more times.

  2. Anonymous

    As always, you and JL did not disappoint – definitely got my politics fix for the next few months.

    I appreciate you all going in depth on each candidate left in the race. Honestly I’m getting a little nervous watching how much the public is ripping into each candidate. At this point, post Kamala, just give it to Joe, as he seems to scare Trump the most and puts those “on the fence” white folk at ease. With that said – its obviously anyone but Trump.

    I have also seen way too many of the Tariq’s ADOS folk dumping on every candidate, then ending their tweet with “why should black folk show up for anyone who doesn’t provide tangibles? Whats the different between them and Trump?” I’m definitely less active on twitter than most, but he seems to have a large contingent ready to throw their vote away again. Maybe they were never planning to vote, but who knows.

    Thank you again for your insights and being from an important state like NC, its important to hear how you all are viewing this primary. Have a great rest of the weekend and Happy New Year.


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