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SMR 287: Brittany Runs A Marathon

Rod and Justin discuss the Jillian Bell comedy, “Brittany Runs A Marathon.”

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  1. ProfKori

    So cool to hear y’all talk about this one! I had every intention of seeing this in the theater because I’m a runner and was so excited to have a new running movie hit the big screen. It didn’t stay in theaters long, so I missed it and watched at home. I’m totally with y’all on this. It wasn’t predictable at all. Everyone important shouting out from the crowd (when she wanted to quit the race) managed to surprise me. And, overall, it was much deeper than I expected. Just to reiterate one example you gave: it focused on how self-regard will shape your relationships with others.

    The Brown guy as romantic partner felt like a subtly revolutionary choice. Asian American men, whether of South Asian or East Asian descent, often talk about how American culture strips them of all sex appeal. To me, it felt like a bold choice, but it was handled in a way that didn’t call attention to itself. And that was just one of many examples. Quality movie in so many ways!

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