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2030: Pink Tacos

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Rod and Karen are joined by Justin to discuss communication in modern day relationships, LGBTQ news, Da Baby beats up hotel worker, Tekashi body guards don’t want to work for him, Rihanna broke up with Jameel, Tyler Perry movie filmed in 5 days, Mo’Nique gets Showtime special, deaf man sues pornhub, Jay-Z sues MS, Instagram warning people of altered pics, dildo tortilla roller, day care owner leaves kid in car, mom leaves child in washing machine, rapper convicted by his own bars and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    I bet the dildo taco ladies costumer’s are always wondering why the tortilla’s taste so yeasty.

  2. stylenosh

    I can’t believe Justin said, very casually, “Are there any games today”. What! My team has battled a multitude of misfortune for 50 years, including the Madden curse this year that Rod so eloquently pointed out earlier in the season. They delivered some of the most entertaining football games in the last two seasons to reach back to back AFC Championship games and Justin is talking like there may be a pick up game of touch football going on later down at the park! You hate to see it.

    And as a regular, faithful listener of Balls Deep Sports, to not hear one peep from Rod, Justin, or Karen about that epic Kansas City Chiefs comeback against the Houston Texans…that hurt. But maybe it’s my fault for not writing in to the show.

    But that’s okay, I’ll keep riding my Kansas City Chiefs wave all the way to Miami. And I’ll keep listening to BDS too. I mean, how else will I know that Cam Newton is out here getting caught up in the leg lock. I mean, let’s be honest…that’s why we listen. 🙂

    Love you guys! And I always love when Justin joins the regular show.

    Stylenosh in Atlanta
    KC native. Go Chiefs!!!!!

  3. Poncho

    Sorry but we can’t give Tyler Perry a pass because I don’t think we would give anybody else who has the resources he has a pass if they had a show called Sistas with no black women writers. I tried my best to watch the new movie because people said it’s his best work but I could only make it to the 15 minute mark. My question is why can’t he do both? High quality for the niggaz who like Atlanta, Insecure and Black-ish and bullshit for the people who like The Paynes, House of Payne and Have or Have Nots. Don’t forget that him and Oprah even had a falling out because she wanted him to get writers. I got love for him but I do want him to do better and I think that’s everybody with criticism about him wish.

  4. wiz khaleesi

    I wonder if there are “quesadildos” on the menu *plays CSI Miami intro song*

  5. El Jefe

    Tekashi 69’s bodyguards are essentially the equivalent of Big Insurance. When you’re sick and really need the insurance, they are like “whoa whoa whoa, now this isn’t what we signed up for sicky!”

  6. katrese206

    I officially nominate swords as the new official weapon of the show… LOL!! Priceless moment!

  7. J-L

    This was the best reading rainbow segment. And I am disappointed that no one has accused me of creating a different account to leave that 4 star review criticizing reading rainbow.

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