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2032: Panic Culture

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Rod and Karen discuss how social media changes our creativity, Tyler Perry love/haters, Delta pays employees a bonus, falling iguana warning, man drowns in vat of chemicals, Flint, MI officials can go to jail, FL ex-felons voting rights limited, Michelle Obama work out playlist, Black Capitalists, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. Evie E

    I really love the joy in your voice when you sing the reading rainbow song, Karen. It’s my new favorite segment because not only do I learn new things, I get my life when you sing the song.

    I saw the latest Tyler Perry movie on Netflix and it was a hot ass mess and I loved every minute of it because I laughed and laughed. The key to watching Tyler Perry movies is to suspend disbelief. Don’t try to think to hard about it or else they’re not as enjoyable.

    Last but not least, I’m probably going to get called a coon for this but during the white people segment, in my opinion, I like the original white versions of the songs versus the covers although the black covers are way better than when white people cover black songs. Still, some of those white songs slap. Please don’t come for me Willie D.

  2. Trey_Swindu744

    Thanks for the Reading Rainbow segment, I think one of the key things is obviously people not falling for the “banana in the tailpipe “ it boggles my mind when I see folks on social media let strangers take them to that stressful ass place . Rod you always make a good point of pointing this out on the show – that you never know what a person’s motives are for posting wild shit online .

    One thing I’ve learned for myself is to try(and I stress try) to use the platforms for good in some kind of way – whether it’s bringing awareness to causes or unjustly situations or in my case I use it to educate myself or get advice from pro filmmakers and screenwriters I follow on Twitter . Use the platform for some kind of good , if you can and just keep scrolling past the bad .

    Thanks again Rod and Karen


  3. Felix

    Really love the reading rainbow segment. I keep finding myself starting to get mad at things I see on the news and social media and catching myself and just logging off twitter or turning off the news before I stress myself out. Even with using social media way less than I used to everytime I take a look it always gets harder to not just keep scrolling. Which is very bad especially when the time I can spend doing creative work is limited. You both really hit the nail on the head with the discussion.

  4. MizzBarnes72

    Thank you for the perspective of panic culture. I was that person that watches the news all the time, but the way the news tries to make everything panicky, I will either read the news from the BBC or I’m old-school going back to reading newspapers.

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