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2042: Respectability Kaepernick Suits

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Rod and Karen discuss survivors’ guilt among black creatives, NH Primary results, roach death Valentine’s revenge, Macaulay Culkin defends MJ again, where to get STD testing, airport workers fired for TikTok, police officers make display from homeless signs, random acts of kindness year 5, Essence Fest headliners, Bloomberg audio leaks, OK professor upset about OK Boomer, GWU president makes racist analogy, Black Capitalism, man threatens barber, man chokes cat to death at Wawa, rejected threesome murder and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kyle

    Regarding this Bloomberg revelation – We BEEN knew. All this pearl clutching from white folk is literally insulting. It seems like we’re now seeing many of the far left and people who won’t commit to “Voting Blue no matter who”, using this as their justification to sit out if their guy is not in the general. Saying things like – theres no actual difference between Trump and Bloomberg, like we don’t already know old, rich white men are for the most part, all cut from the same cloth. The one thing I’ll give him is that Bloomberg does seem to be sincere with climate change and gun reform, so that’s a start. At the end of the day, despite having little faith in our government as a whole, I do have some faith in the 2018 House of Representatives. That year, it got a lot darker, and more female. Assuming it stays that way, aint no way in hell Auntie Maxine, the Squad an em, are going to let Bloomberg slide with anything that even smells remotely close to a stop and frisk type policy. I have to believe they’d be on his ass if/when he even considers doing something harmful to the base of the party. At this point, he seems to be the only one who really scares Trump and makes white liberals comfortable. As messed up as that thinking is, I feel like that has to be taken into account. I think I have a “take what you can get” type feeling on the entire presidency. Obama or anyone remotely close to that aint coming back. I would, however, hope whoever get the nomination brings on a Kamala or Stacy Abrams to help boost their presence on the national stage.

    Appreciate you all taking the time to read – just needed to get some thoughts out. Have a great weekend and keep up the great work.


  2. brooklynshoebabe

    In terms of Bloomberg’s comments, are we surprised? White people and Bernie stans at my job were shocked and outraged. I shrugged like how you did not know. He was never a Democrat. I don’t know how the DNC let’s him cook or Bernie Sanders. THEY’RE NOT DEMOCRATS. And, apparently, Bloomberg has supporters. How? Whyyyyyyyyy? Get him outta here. I’m so pissed. He tried to break the Union’s in New York. That alone should make him ineligible to run under the Democratic banner. Grrrrr.

  3. rodimusprime

    This is from anonymous lol. Hello rod and Karen. Regarding the std testing at urgent care. Another option for people is the health department, they offer free and anonymous hiv and if needed std testing. It is oftem available Monday- Friday was in basis. When I was single I often used this option although I practiced safe sex. I’m very ocd about my health. So I would get this done every six months although I was rarely sexually active and sometimes “happened upon some sex” lol. Also yes, planned parenthood has always offered free std and hiv testing and also birth control. This was especially useful as a broke college student with no money and no insurance. This was pre affordable healthcare act (aka Obama care) where students can remain on their parents health insurance. I have never gone to my pcp or gyn for testing and honestly never second guessed my reasonings but perhaps it was due to guilt or shame, but for me it was for the walk in offer rather than having to wait for an appointment and explain why. This was all preventative testing meaning no symptoms just wanting to make sure everything was fine. But they do offer options if you are indeed positive with low cost or free medicine and none of this would go on your insurance or heathrecord if people are worried about that.

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