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TTM 64: A Hell Of A Week: Parts Two and Three

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    I’m so mad that Ron didn’t catch hands. It looks like Randall and Kevin was going to fuck him up but are Rebecca went full on Becky and stopped them. Boooo.

    As for Toby, he almost killed that poor little blind baby. Kate would be better off with the neighbor or bring back Horse Dick. Maybe he changed. Either option is better than Toby right now.

    Evie E

  2. rodimusprime

    Rod and Bassey,

    Warm greetings!

    I lovedddd this episode…………..until Rebecca stood in the way of Mark catching the wild fade from Kev and Randall. If Jack were there he woulda…..well clearly we know Mark wouldn’t exist if Jack was there. Kate would have went to college instead of living a teenage dirtbag lifestyle with ole rat face. I will never get over it. There are characters created by great/decent writers that ignite a source of irrational anger in the viewer….Gemma from Sons of Anarachy, Jesse/Walt from Breaking Bad, Negan/Alpha from Walking Dead…..Mark was creeping up the ladder. Happy he’s gone before he could inflict further trauma on Kate. The damage he already did was devastating.

    It was insane to me that he told those people the truth about how callous and vindictive he was to Kate.

    And the parallels with Toby and Mark. We never thought we’d see this. Ever. This is truly a great set of episodes they’ve packaged together. And y’all unpack them masterfully!

    Enjoy your day,

    P.S. Mandy Moore better receive her things. They’re lucky she’s humble! Lol

  3. chubbzero

    Hey rod and bassey, the cabin episode will go down as 1 of my favorites! Man I ain’t never wanted to punch a white kid in his face as bad as I wanted to punch mark with a c. I immediately thought about my daughter (who is a freshman at jcsu in Charlotte) and if someone would have done her like that, I would have had to lay hands on them. I don’t know the young actor’s real name that played him but did you know he’s the same dirtbag that shot Carl Grimes eye out on walking dead? Figures right? Congratulations on all you guys success and have an awesome weekend!

  4. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod and Bassey

    I loved this episode , (THIS) is the writing we know and love ! Everything was great in this from Madison being a great friend to Kate and telling her the truth about herself and Kevin , to Kevin and Randall getting ready to who ride on that stupid ass waterhead boy Marc , to Rebecca knowing something was wrong with her babygirl, to Kevin helping Randall with the time capsule decision , to Randall admitting he has issues and might need to go to therapy and of course finding out about Kevin’s future house being Jack’s design- writing is so damn good !

    Another thing , I hope and pray Madison is Kevin’s future wife and mother to his child . I have always loved how Madison has been such a sincere friend to Kate (sidenote- loved that they didn’t drag out Kate finding out about Madison and Kevin) meanwhile Sophie’s trifling ass faked being Kate’s friend when they were young kids just to get with Kevin.

    Sophie – girl Fuck you!

    Thanks again Rod and Bassey


  5. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod & Bassey!

    Just gonna jump right in, cuz it’s gonna be long.

    Was I the only one rooting for teen Kevin and Randall to whoop Mark’s ass? Him fucking with Kate’s head enough to make her think she could lie to Randall Sherlock Holmes Pearson about a sequence of events was enough of a reason to mollywhop his ass. Randall has anxiety issues and ignores shit about his OWN life, not the lives of his loved ones unless they’re trying to make him face his own issues. Now, had Kate suggested a family grief counselling session, everybody else with the last name Pearson would have found somewhere else to be expeditiously. I wonder if something else happened with Mark because Older Rebecca’s reaction after seeing the picture of him and Kate seemed to me like something bigger happened and she was too late to put a stop to it. It wasn’t anger at him so much as regret for her own inaction, but maybe it’s as simple as letting Kate carry on with Mark in the first place.

    Was I the only one who wanted adult Kevin and Randall to whoop Toby’s ass? Ok, maybe not a full ass-whoopin, but a stern talking to about not being a fuckboi couldn’t have hurt. I’m sick of Toby’s shit, man. And NO he doesn’t get any points from me for letting Baby Jack play with his prized Star Wars toys in the end. With his ole “I almost killed my son so now I HAVE to show him some love so I won’t become a suspect if something happens to him later” ass. Kate shouldn’t have left him alone with the son he kind of hated. Rebecca wasn’t doing anything major so she could’ve stayed over. I wonder if Toby will even tell Kate about the choking incident. Jack’s doctor might reference it at the next appointment (shout out to the show for the subtle “vaccinate your damn kids” dig). If Toby hides it after getting upset with Kate not telling him about a damn avocado I will throw something at the screen.

    Was I the only one who wanted to whoop Randall’s ass myself? Randall Lamont Pearson has been getting aaaaaaaalllllllllll of this good BLACTING telling his ass to get therapy before he breaks and he listens to the WHITE MAN?!?! During Black History Month!?! Not only Darnell, but his WIFE who is with him regularly throughout his day-to-day life, is concerned for him and he “I’m fine”s his way through the discussions with his anxiety tremors on ten… but KEVIN is like “maybe therapy?” and Randall turns in to the Kombucha Lady. I’m disgusted! He looked like he wanted to fight the therapist in the preview for the next episode and it looks like she’s about to emotionally whoop his ass. I’m pretty sure therapists aren’t supposed to do that during the first session, but she’s probably been watching the show and is as fed up as we are. I’ll allow it. Get in his ass, sis!

    Was I the only one who wanted to jump through the screen and holla at Salt-And-Pepper Kevin? I SEE YOU, ZADDY! Almost made me forget how much I wasn’t here for them getting rid of Sophie only to bring her poltergeist back in this episode.

    Madison was doing the most with the calls to Kate. Girl, he’s a fine-ass movie star and you fucked him. Take the win and leave his sister out of it. …Then find a way back into his bed and TRAP. HIM. Because there’s still space for Sophie to do it at this point and I can’t have that. May your fertility be ever in my favor.

    That’s it for now. Love your recaps, as always.
    Thanks, guys!

  6. ClassicRandBLover

    Hello Rod and Bassey,

    I really liked this episode of This Is Us and the clear and subtle ways they showed the Big 3 are far from okay. I also loved the rare Kate and Randall moment we were treated to. Too often it feels like Kevin and Kate are siblings and Kevin and Randall are siblings and the big 3 are siblings, yet somehow Kate and Randall aren’t siblings if that makes sense.

    I love Randall admitting that he has needed help for a long time; Kate having a story that’s not about being overweight or a mother.

    I wanted to jump through my screen and whip Mark’s ass when he intentionally broke Jack’s cup because it mattered to Kate; had Kate go outside in bad weather; and had the never to lock her out of her family’s cabin. Peek abuser behavior on display. Kate’s effort to hide what was happening is clear victimized behavior centered in a need to protect their abuser because he “said he loved her.”

    I knew the weekend with Jack was going to be a make or break moment for Toby. I’m glad it doesn’t look like it broke him.

    The time capsule and the fast forward it morphed into get me.

    P.S. Bassey, you are one hundred percent correct. White Women love Sophie with Kevin because it reinforces the long held belief that the most basic, and awful (I have not forgotten her treatment of young Kate and her obliviousness to a spiraling Kevin) of white women deserve to win.

  7. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod and Bassey,
    Let me just say I am new to this show, but I love the recap of this show. I have never actually seen the show but you guys do a really great job deep diving into the characters of this show. I don’t know that I will ever watch it but I will always listen to you guys recap. Keep up the great work


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