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2054: Our Country

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Rod and Karen discuss owning vs renting America, Black Twitter Live is postponed, the SC primary results, Coronavirus, Scotland makes pads and tampons free, TSA halts TikTok on the clock, The Game thinks the internet brainwashes people into liking wack music, Jay-Z and Yo Gotti file another lawsuit against prisons, Boosie doubles down, McDonald’s worker punched, black women prosecutors under attack, Barbie ads Vitiligo and hairless dolls, semen bandit, woman arrested for parking lot pooping, man steals child’s headphones and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kemdoc

    I told my officemate about this ‘our country’ discussion. At first he didn’t get it, but once I brought up Michelle Obama saying she finally felt proud to be American or something of the sort, he got it. We dove into your awesome framing of Tr^mp saying America was garbage because the president was black versus Kaepernick saying the country was garbage for the treatment of black people was the same but received completely differently. It’s been a pleasure to hear your commentary on this. Always nuanced and fleshed our. Thank you Rod and Karen!!!

  2. lamalamatime

    Listening to the episode on my way to work. Really poignant. When Rod said, “We are the only people, other than Indigenous Americans, who have paid for this shit in this way.” I felt that. Like you said there’s other people who have been boxed out and had to fight, but when I think about it the rights that the Latinx and API folks have are due to the mass movements and fights waged by people of African ancestry in this country. The exclusionary and violence these communities have also faced were first practiced on Black (and Indigenous) bodies. Thanks for the great thought inducing show!

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