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TTM 67: After The Fire

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Rod and Bassey discuss NBC’s family drama, “This Is Us.”

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hey Rod & Bassey!

    Randall Tyrone Pearson is such an asshole. Rebecca is trying to soak in time with all of the family being together and he’s staring at her like she owes him money and he keeps seeing her out shopping.
    His surface-level love for Kevin gets on my damn nerves. He doesn’t value Kevin beyond his use as an emergency exit from a breakdown.

    Yeah, what Kevin said was fucked up, BUT Randall is unashamedly manipulating and lying to his family to get his way. He wants to make THEM responsible for his mental health instead of actually working through that shit. He is projecting like crazy with his statement to Kevin that THEY will regret not doing more to “save” Rebecca.

    Ugh. Randall Marcus Pearson, we were rooting for you. WE WERE ALL ROOTING FOR YOU!!

    Thanks for the recaps guys. See you when it’s time for Insecure, if you don’t find something else that’s Too Much before then!


  2. rodimusprime

    Hey Bassey. Hey Rod!!

    The last 15 min of the show were some dynamic scenarios. Kevin seesawing between ignoring Madison and trying to engage with Randall was something to behold. I think it’s far fetched for anyone to be able to compartmentalize these two separate meltdowns.

    I think an important thing this show has demonstrated is how that rules of engagement are necessary to keep from destroying vital relationships in your life. Randall and Beth had an explosive argument like this just last season and luckily they came back to each other. Had we not seen them together in the future and Randall and Kevin share a tender brotherly moment at the end of the episode I wouldn’t have been surprised if they never spoke to each other.

    I want more for Madison. The ‘I’m all in and will fall in love with my children because we ain’t getting no younger’ reaction rang hollow to me.

    I loved the Kate and Toby stuff this week. Yet another interesting character to dive into. They tried to get us to think that was Kevin’s wife. And from the way Jack is, they raised great kids together. Interested to see how they start rounding the show up.

    Be health and safe out there everyone,

  3. ClassicRandBLover

    Hi Rod and Bassey,

    Five thoughts on the season finale of This is Us:

    1. I am worried that we continue not to see Kate in the future. Does having her and Toby’s daughter kill her. I hope not, but I was just struck by the future daughter and the continued lack of Kate.

    2. The show better stop messing with my emotions with the awful Sophie. That might make me go back to my Season One Kevin shade.

    3. Now that Kevin And Randall face off was what I expected their relationship to be like based on what we saw of their childhood. Randall remains the worst, but I think Kevin spoke what his actions from childhood always conveyed.

    4. Dear show, stop showing the future stuff. I get you are trying to show how things ultimately end up, but we don’t care enough about these new characters to see more than two minute glimpses of them every six of so episodes.

    5. This show is sooo good. It always leaves me wanting more. Sadly, Dat Rona will undoubtably mess with the filming schedule for next season.

  4. BreAnnSam

    Rod & Bassey, Bassey & Rod….

    Hey ya’ll. hope you’re staying safe and I thank you for continuing to provide content. Hope your families are doing well.

    Aigght naw…

    Ya’ll talked about it last week and we have discussed before how EVIL that man can be. He is so MEAN. I GASPED. My mouth was wide open that whole argument. Kevin’s response was mean but it was measured and it was not at the level of Randall. His whole demeanor, that whole conversation was beyond out of pocket and it shows he was definitely raised by white people. How dare you tell your brother that his father was ashamed of him???

    If Randall had a Black mama (a whole lot would be different obviously, but..) IF Randall had a Black mama she woulda slapped the black off his narrow ass! I hope Beth gives his all a WHOLE READ when she finds out about this (although we know he is not gonna tell her the whole story).


    K-dub had every right to beat that man’s ass but I am so glad that he did not and I am so glad that he did not break his sobriety.

    *deep breath*

    Okay, Toby and Kate. I am glad about this sibling thing…I think it’s gonna be hard for them to get there. They purposely showed the seatbelt not being clicked so I am certain a car accident or some shit is about to come. Maybe that spurs a fight between Kate and Toby and they separate for a while and that’s when we see Kate alone at the Cabin with Kevin and Bec in that flash forward. They’ll eventually get back together though I think. (I still think she dies at some point in the future though).

    Beth is a whole mood! Em hm. She is the actual glue for that family and she needs acknowledgement.

    #TeamMadison. I do not think their marriage will work out but I think they will be good co-parents. I doubt the show will go down this route, but I hope they spend some time on Madison and her pregnancy. Those with eating disorders can have a really hard time with pregnancy and the changes and lack of control over their body. We know Madison has gotten better but maybe this could trigger a relapse?

    Also, ya’ll saw Uncle Nicky had a wedding band in the future?! I don’t think it’s with child abuse army girl I think they just showed her and sophie as a final goodbye to them on the show. I think Nicky goes to find that girl he used to write letters to when he was in the military.

    So much to say, not enough time. Cannot wait to hear y’all recap this finale. Looking forward to the next season and I hope they use this down time during the rona as an *investment in their future* to write a really good season.

    Thanks ya’ll! Stay safe, wash your face, don’t touch your hands or however it goes.

    – Bre

  5. U.C.

    Hi Rod and Bassey! Long time, first time and all that.

    First of all, if I may just touch on the previous episode…I couldnt agree with y’all more: Randall ain’t nobody’s Que. He’s an Alpha through and through.

    Secondly, it is very clear to me that Randall has modeled his behavior after how he believed Jack to be. Jack was all always saving the day, Jack was the fun dad, Jack was the perfect husband. But as children, Randall and his siblings were largely shielded from Jack’s darker parts of his personality and life (i.e. his traumatic childhood/homelife; completely disowning his brother to the point of telling people that he was dead, etc.). I will never forget when Kevin finds out how Jack lied about Nicky’s existence, Randall is OK with it because anything Jack did was perfect, but Kevin is rightfully pissed off with Jack for lying to EVERYONE.

    That’s when I knew Randall was walking around with Jack-colored glasses like a mofo.

    Hopefully we get to see Randall finally realize that he ain’t his father, cus right now, he refuses to see or acknowledge that Jack was not a perfect man…and knowing this show…when they finally unpack THAT, I’m sure it’ll be a doozy.

    Now this finale….WHEW CHILAY!

    That scene toward the end where Randall and Kevin were arguing? I was having a physical reaction…I felt that shit in my gut. Like someone kept repeatedly punching me in my stomach.

    When Randall told Kevin that Jack died ashamed of him?! I said “woaahh…Kevin, punch that nigga in his face!”

    When Kevin told Randall that they day they brought Randall home was the worst day of his life?! Ya’ll, I said, “Randall, kill him. KILL HIM DEAD!”

    I guess we know based on the flash-forward that Kevin and Randall most likely work it out…but maaaaan….how do you come back from that?? I guess we’ll see.

    Oh, and by the way…I’m bout tired of Randall and his whole “I kept this family together” BULLSHIT! Nigga, the only thing that kept the family together was Rebecca, and Jack’s life insurance money. Like, dude, were you paying rent in that shitty apartment ya’ll were living in, or paying the mortgage in that post-fire house?? Sir, TF outta here wit all of that. Randall’s feeling that he held the family together was ACTUALLY him holding on to the family for dear life. He probably thought they’d abandon him or some shit. *sigh*

    Anyway, I so love and appreciate your recaps. Shout out to my fellow Nigerian-American sis, Bassey!

  6. Ronasia

    Hey rod and bassey,
    After watching this finale I had to comment. This finale wasn’t my favorite. After the words that we’re said between Kevin and Randall they have to throw hands. On a scale of 0-100 I give Randall a dracarys.It was a conversation 39 years in the making. And words were said that can’t be taken back. Me being the nosey person that I am I would have been sitting at the table eating my cake watching this all go down. I’m glad Madison is the baby momma. I think they are not going to be together or she is going to do during child birth. Did you know the actress who plays Madison is married to the Creator of the show. I liked seeing the future and the set up. But I want to see more future Tess like I mean the future doctor even got more story. Can’t wait to see what’s going to happen next. Love y’all and stay safe out there.

  7. Vinylcollectors

    Hey Rod and Bassey! I have mixed emotions on this finale. The argument between Kevin and Randall was BRUTAL. No wonder they aren’t talking when we saw Kate, Kevin and Rebecca at the cabin for the 40th birthday! Randall went straight gutter on Kevin. I mean Kevin said some pretty hurtful things but Randall went for the throat and it seems a little out of character for me considering how much we’ve seen through the years that Randall wants a relationship with Kevin. If in the flash forwards Rebecca is laid up in Kevin’s house because something went wrong with the experimental trial then I’m sorry no one but Randall is to blame and he should own that. Speaking of that flash forward (1) Older Kevin is still fine AF and somehow seeing him with his kids made him even FINER to me and (2) Did you guys peep the wedding ring on Nicky’s finger? Are they trying to hint that he married Rebecca? Also, I was glad that they revealed that Madison was having Kevin’s twins but could This Is Us hit us with another twist? I was holding my breath when army woman walked into Nicky’s cabin at the end. Remember she and Kevin slept together too and I couldn’t really see the way she was wearing her bubble coat whether she might ALSO be pregnant. That’s the only reason I could think of why they showed her on the episode then. Other than that I think the Finale had a lot of filler. I could’ve done without the Rebecca/Jack/Dr. K flashback and all the scenes with the guy that turned out to be Madison’s OB and his horse. Overall I think they set us up for some drama next season. Thanks so much for recapping the season again. I’ve enjoyed watching and analyzing it with you guys. On to Insecure!!

  8. rodimusprime

    This Too Much – This Is Us feedback – SEASON 4, EPISODE 18 SEASON FINALE

    The Ugly

    There goes y’all’s fave Rod and Bassey – Kevin Pearson ,yes Randall was wrong about not respecting Rebecca’s wishes but that didn’t warrant him saying that to Randall – like good lord man. Kevin was like your existence has fucked up my whole life . You could tell from Kevin’s facial expressions he truly fucked up by saying that . Randall was trash for his comments too because again he chose to stay home and play martyr and worry about his mom instead of living his life . But thankfully …..eventually they forgive each other… in the future …..I mean I guess lol.

    Randall – like I’ve said it before in other feedback comments “listen to the woman” listen to Beth Randall and I promise it will set you free brotha .

    The Bad

    Where the hell is Annie at in the future , I’m sorry I need to know lol . And I wonder if Nicky ends up marrying ole girl from House & Once Upon A Time since she conveniently popped back up in the finale and they did a close up of Nicky’s hand with a wedding ring on it, knowing this show it was for a reason. Not ready for Rebecca to have to go through this clinical trial I’m worried it’s probably going to exhilarate her condition and probably make it worse – we unfortunately have to wait and see on that.

    The Good

    It’s MADISON……..YESSSSS fuck you Sophie , you don’t go to this school and nobody likes you here – bye !!!! TWINS, that’s what I’m talking about Kevin (But I can bust you out with my super sperm)(c)Big Bank Kevin Lol

    Toby, Kate and Jack seem to be doing better and hey Jack gets a sister and becomes a father. Also looks like Nicky is taking his sobriety seriously and I love to see it.

    On the new season I hope Randall eventually comes to his senses and tries to just enjoy the time he has left with Rebecca – she’s the only mother you have Randall!!!

    Overall good finale with some painful stuff but overall good. I’m assuming we will get more flash forwards focusing on the new characters and hopefully that goes better than the way the whole introduction of Malik and ole girl from Once Upon a time/House went…lol.

    Thanks again

    Rod and Bassey


  9. rodimusprime

    Hello Rod and Bassey,

    I’m writing this email with extreme disappointment and disgust in Randall Person! I have never been so upset with this man in my life. I’m disgusted and upset! How could he be so mean to Kevin. I’m mildly disappointed in Kevin, but hey this is a true example of how hurt ppl hurt ppl and Randall brought it upon himself. I wish Randall would have left well enough a lone and just let Rebecca be great and life the life that she wants to live… but no he just HAD TO BE A SELFISH BRAT and I am seething.

    Randall has always been a habitual line stepper but this takes the cake here.

    I’m so happy for Kevin and Madison. I’m here for them and their twins. I’m proud of the growth Toby has made. I can’t wait to see that part of the story line next season.

    I’m just very disappointed in Randall he doesn’t listen to anyone! Beth tried to warn him.. but he’s hardheaded as hell and its so fucking annoying. I get mad just thinking about it.

    I love y’all and I love these recaps!

    Mitchell aka That_Mitch.

  10. rodimusprime

    Dear Rod and Bassey,

    Somebody needs to whup Randall’s ass.

    Thank you,


  11. shanna

    Hey Rod and Bassey. Usually, I don’t comment but I just saw a pic that Sterling K. Brown posted on Twitter of him and Justin in the old man makeup and I wanted to say OLD MAN KEV IS FINE AF!

    Now that I’ve said that, I have some issues with this future timeline we saw. In the future, Tess looked like she’s in her mid to late 20s. If she’s about 11 or 12 now, then how are twins that Kev has a year from now, only about 10 in the future? Related, how far past what we’re seeing with Older Rebecca is the adult Baby Jack stuff because I thought everything future was the same time but it doesn’t make sense that Baby Jack is having babies when Old Man Kev has two ten-year-olds.

    Other than that, I loved the episode. Although Randall is trying my last nerve the acting was impeccable. Bassey was right about Randall; when he feels self-righteous or cornered, he will get NASTY about what he says because he believes he’s justified.

    And GIVE JUSTIN HARTLEY HIS THINGS! He’s been ACKting and his scenes with Madison and Randall were amazing. For Kevin to go back and forth between those two and not completely fall apart shows so much growth for the character. Also shout out to casting because the actress playing Kate’s future daughter (Adelaide Kane) is one of my favorites. I’m ready to go into the future with her and Not A Baby Anymore Jack. I’m glad their seasons are short and this finished right on time. Can’t wait for next year.

  12. rodimusprime

    Hi Rod & Bassey!

    Quarantine catch up time (y’all stay safe), and I need to give a special shout out to a Bassey for bringing up Justin Walker. I literally yelled JUSTIN when I saw him on the screen!! ❤️ Brothers & Sisters was my show!! David Annable was totally giving Salt & Pepper Kevin vibes and I loved it

    As excellent as this show has been, the growth of two of the Pearson kids, and of course the amazingness of Mandy Moore’s acting, I am ready for the end of this season. Even if I understand Randall more and he is still exhausting me. The scene outside The Met and the faux flashback broke me…poor Randall, but also he is killing me. When he called Rebecca and gaslit her into agreeing to go to St.Louis for the trial, I screamed, cried and yelled NO. Maybe I am sensitive but I literally said well fuck you, Randall.

    Bassey suggested the real Randall may be between asshole Randall and ideal son Randall, and I hope we get a breakthrough soon because I can’t watch this manipulator Randall for another season. This dude is bananas! Whew!

    Thank you for the recaps and insightful discussions.

    Symone “SymSymma” via iPhone

  13. ShayDeeDame

    Just watched the episode after the show. During the recap, I was CACKLING when you guys were discussing why Beth would have been with Randall now that we see who he is.
    Lemme tell you why…we have ALL seen Randall without a shirt. I have also seen his rhythm on his IG posts.
    There is no doubt in my mind that Beth is Dickmatized by Randall’s Devil Dick.
    There is nothing more surprising and mind-blowing than a dude who is Jack in the streets, and HorseDick in the sheets.
    I know, you guys, I’m disappointed in myself, too

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