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2070: McQuisha

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Rod and Karen discuss white people’s believe in America, Coronavirus news, TikTok removing videos of ugly people, Tori Spelling racist kid pic, AZ parents fighting school diversity training, racism saved black people from Opioid crisis, D.A.R.E., man shoots off tip of another man’s penis, toilet paper thief, KY man printed off naked kid pics and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    You could be on to something as far as Percoet. I think it could be that black people in general aren’t as trusting of prescription medication because of the historical aspect. I’ve been prescribed prescribed Percocet for a hand surgery and that stuff made me feel sleepy and like I was floating. There is no way that can be a good thing to take a medication like that for more than a couple days. I took it for two days and the switched time Aleve . I had an almost full bottle left and my friend asked me if she could have them if I didn’t want them. I told her no because I didn’t want those problems. That’s a dangerous drug and threw the rest away.

  2. Sofa King

    Y’all crazy, for real! Before listening to this episode, I’d never even considered the possibility that rimming was a term that only white people used… I guess I just don’t know enough niggas that’s into eating ass.

  3. Belletrist

    “They act like it’s a bug and not a feature”
    Karen. First off… This quote. Is. EVERYTHING.
    I knew this Reading Rainbow was speaking to me in some kinda way, but this sentence you said really illuminated why it felt so personal. I’m an officer in the military and I’ve got three strikes that make it difficult for me to relate to many of my coworkers. Being black, female, and gay as the day is long, I’m basically the antithesis of what people think a lieutenant should be.

    Needless to say, whenever the issue of race comes up on the ship, I always get bestowed the honour of explaining why ‘all lives matter’ is insensitive or why Bernie Sanders isn’t doing well among black voters. And, just like ya’ll said, it’s an exhausting conversation to have that almost always ends fruitlessly.

    Ignorance of the black experience is SUCH BLISS. And you want ME to wake up a person that’s been raised and molded and benefited from said ignorance for generations?? For FREE?? It’s a daunting task. And, I’m sorry, but I’ve only got twenty minutes for lunch and I’d really like to get back to my sandwich, Sir.

  4. Jaris

    That part about the percs was on point. I had my nose broken in a college basketball game. Doctor prescribed Percocets for the pain. I took them once and they knocked me clean out. I didn’t like that feeling so I stopped taking them and just took Ibuprofen. One of my teammates asked me what kinds of pills the doc prescribed. When I told him what they were and that I stopped taking them, he was like “I’ll buy em from you!” Internally I thought “He’s a lil too excited bout these pills.” I didn’t end up selling them to him though. I tossed them.

    I hope everyone in the US can take Hong Kong as an example. We had the virus under control but people got too froggy and now we’re back to square one. Thank you two for the coronavirus segment and treating it more serious than Trump. We really do appreciate it!

  5. MyraP

    I think it must be a black thing. After I had my son I sparingly took them Percocets. I was in so much pain but the thought of becoming addicted to them scared me more. The nurses had to basically force me to take them in the hospital and I still was taking half the dosage. The nurses (all white) couldn’t understand why I didn’t want the pills. Fuck that I ain’t trying to be like Future! This pain will go away eventually ! As soon as I got home the first thing my husband white friend asked was if I had any extra pills. Wtf?! No how you or the baby doing just where the pills at. I had to flush them because he just kept asking.

  6. ebibebi

    You got it right, it’s pronounced eh-bee-beh-bee XD

    But, about Tokyo…a lot of people living here are convinced they’re fudging the numbers.

    The bar for being tested for coronavirus is set at having pneumonia. I got sick over a week ago (two weeks by the time you read this) and every time I want to go to a doctor, the doctor wants me to call a call center who then tells me to go to a doctor, who then tells me to call the call center, who tells me “just go to any old doctor, lol” like I’m the one that’s trippin.

    Tokyo is still asking us if we’ve been outside of the country or personally know somebody who was diagnosed recently like it even matters at this point. Sometimes you’re even encouraged to only call if you can say you definitely left the country or had direct contact with a confirmed coronavirus patient. They didn’t even actually start listening to me until I spelled out that my customers travel and if I take my Black ass to work again I’d easily infect hundreds by the end of the week. I still couldn’t get tested. The hospital told me not to even call them first if my condition gets worse. I’m supposed to call the call center first and hope they think I sound bad enough to direct me to a hospital that has the tests.

    I’m quarantined in my house because it’s kind of assumed I have it at this point (tested negative for EVERYTHING else so it’s safest to assume I do and act accordingly), but when I was out and about the crowds were actually picking up. Trains were crowded again. At first, the fear got people to just stay in. But then people relaxed. The masks came off. Less people were washing their hands and using hand sanitizer. Because schools were closed but most businesses and restaurants weren’t, foot traffic actually increased. Especially around the time I was probably infected. My busiest schedule at work in WEEKS coincided with me getting sick. I’m hoping the government does something more drastic to keep all these people from coming out, but I’m not super optimistic.

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