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2076: A Town Called Swords

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Rod and Karen discuss Trump deregulating America, misplaced anger at celebs, Coronavirus news, That’s Ya’ll Man, White People News and Sword Ratchetness.

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  1. MizzBarnes72

    I never seen a documentary break away to do an episode of Snapped.

    That documentary will be the most 7 entertaining hours of my life that I cannot get back, giving us another problematic Carol…..smdh. With that being said, ole girl knocked off her 2nd husband. She gift wrapped her spouse to those tigers, dripping in oil……literally. She did that shit!!!!

  2. EvieE

    I think people getting upset with celebrities is nothing new, it’s just that we’re all home now and more time to troll. When Gal Godot did her imagine video I didn’t really think much of it but people were big mad and I was like the guy from insecure “Let the bitch sing!” This pandemic has made me not want to be on the Internet even less.

  3. reallydarkknight

    Hey y’all,

    Great shows this week. I apologize because Rod you made a comment that really stuck with me I just can’t remember where you said it, so I’ll leave it here.

    It was the conversation about voting for the lesser of two evils. Now we’re staring at the Devil. I felt that! Can anyone (Black) say this shit is better than expected? Because now we’re in the shits. You are right, everyone got a little bit too comfortable and this is when people let their guards down. People really should have paid attention to how quickly some jumped off President Obama after two years because they didn’t get what they wanted. To teach that Black man a lesson. To teach Black people a lesson.

    I believe it was Karen who said that people are nastier now that they are stuck in their homes with nothing to do, but be nasty online. That is exactly what I’m witnessing, so I check out. Everyone’s stress level is so high right now and everyone is trying to catch a body online. I’m stressed because I can’t hit the gym everyday.

    Even though the topics can increase the stress level, I’m glad that this show exists so that I can get away from the foolishness for an hour or two (sometimes three). I appreciate you both and the show.


  4. NikR

    We are a confabulating species and are incapable of recognizing our own blind spots. It will always be easy to point out the ”obviously perverse” behaviours, so perfectly portrayed by ”others” in this age of hyper narcissism. We commit to narratives that fit our ”canon”, in a desperate attempt to propel the “projected” world against reality. A lot of times I notice life being lived as interactive porn or pokemon. I really think people are out here stuck in their solipsistic bubbles interacting with others only to validate their shared narcissism. We use everyday relationships as avatars rather than actualized beings, to perpetuate our ”narratives” in a way that was once reserved for celebs and other comparable demigod archetypes.
    All of this just leads to toxic tribalism that manifests itself in validation gangs that propel never-ending purity games.
    The purity games themselves are often just a means of feeling superior rather than good faith indignation. In other words, it’s a form of one-upmanship designed to obtain/usurp power and status whether morally or intellectually.

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