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2089: Blacks Are Human Too

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Rod and Karen discuss white supremacy, Coronavirus news, Bhab Bhabie, Carrolton students racist tictok, Stephen Moore doesn’t get Rosa Parks, French medical experts posit experimenting on Africans, woman threatens ex-boyfriend, man gets violent over his urination, man claims to kill the Terminator and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Felix

    Those french doctors bruv, absolute insanity that people like that have such high positions. I knew that disgusting segment really did the rounds when I saw it pop up in my grandparents WhatsApp group. The visceral reaction from me and Basically every African on the internet man, so nice when we can all put the diaspora wars to the side and form Voltron to loudly make ourselves heard. I have so many older relatives and others with various medical conditions, just the thought of them having to suffer through some neo-colonial garbage like what was suggested makes me livid.

  2. Evie E

    Those two teens who made the racist tik tok video is the embodiment of life comes at you fast. The video was pretty fucking racist but black twitter CSI was on the case. The girl in the video issues a fake apology while throwing her boyfriend under the bus and got expelled and her admission to college rescinded and then she issued another statement saying everyone on the internet ruined her life. No she ruined her own life and I couldn’t bring myself to feel a bit sorry for her. A lot of people make stupid mistakes but teens today have had the Internet long enough to know better. These two just thought that their followers would find it funny and nothing would happen. Fuck these kids and their parents who most definitely voted for Trump

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