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2115: Ma’am This Is A Trader Joe’s

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Rod and Karen discuss turning anger into comedy, Coronavirus News, LGBTQ News, Chrissy Teigen bailing out the block, Taylor Swift comes for Trump, cop cars with ovens for back seats, concealed guns in church, Lil Wayne on George Floyd, black protestors calling out white protestors for inciting violence, man streams his own arrest, murder for hire plot, drunk couple arrested hours apart and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    Rod i don’t like saying I’m wrong. So I won’t start now. But I will never say another bad thing about Taylor Swift. * in my Martin voice* Damn, are you happy now?

  2. Monica

    I had a job once where my lunch break was so short that one of the only places I could find a spot to sit down and eat was the local Burger King. It was NEVER EVER crowded and almost never had a line. All the seats in the world to sit down and eat my chyqn “nuggets.” Bet you could maintain 6ft distance there today.
    In regards to the looting and rioting that infiltrated peaceful protests to the objection of Black participants, I’ve been worried that a different cause and agenda would take over the protests, but guess what? The police have done such an outstanding job of giving real-time evidence of brutality and excessive force that it’s made the protests really laser-focused back to the original goal. I’ve NEVER seen so many white people on the Upper West Side of Manhattan angry at the police. On …behalf of… Black people? Really. Ooooook. It feels surreal. As soon as white people here in NYC (including press) started getting beat up and arrested, well let’s just say there’s a lot of animosity toward the police and support for the protesters.

  3. Dia

    Rod, you joke that you can say Karen because you are married to a Karen. But don’t forget you’re a white woman of color. 🙂

    Great shows this week!

  4. Angela

    Love you guys so much. I am frequently listening and shake-laughing at jokes and puns. Rod and Karen really help us through these times. Thank you for making so much content.
    The dude that lied about being robbed taught at a Christian school that was founded because the government made Georgia schools desegregate. The founders of this school were Tatnall Square Baptist Church and Mercer University. They kicked an African man who attended Mercer U. down the church steps when he tried to attend church one Sunday. It may have been the pastor but I don’t want to lie. I think it was an authority figure that did it. The school website says nothing about this -of course. https://www.tattnall.org/who-we-are/

    Now this dude.

    I grew up in this town and attended parochial school in the 80’s. We had black students at my school. Our debate team always debated these types of schools and there was maybe one or two-if any-attending these “Christian” schools. Most of the black folks who could attend private schools avoided that one and looked askance at those who wanted to go. That tradition continues to this day. There may be one or two black students at that school now. smh.

  5. Anne

    I have to confess that I used to be a Burger King loyal customer for years when they had a restaurant across the street from my office. The convenience made it taste good. I have no regrets. You make the best of your situation.

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