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2117: Burn It All Down!!!

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Rod and Karen respond to listener feedback.

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  1. LaKeta Chism-Williams

    Lmao, THESE NIGGERS ARE PEOPLE! Rod got me hearing that shit whenever I see white people “trying”. Then I laugh, I can’t help it. But overall, I think it’s great.

    Per the poll, I dont have any white friends, unless you count colleagues who think we’re friends. As I told the chat, I was in need of a desk & found one on Craigslist. She HAD to know I was black – my name is LaKeta. When I arrived with my best friend, she (the seller, a white woman) told us that she felt terribly about “everything that’s happening” & asked if she could give us a hug – I gotta learn how to say no. She hugged us like we were off to war, then told us she loved us. When I went to pay her for the desk, she handed it back to me & told me to buy something else with it. Her husband & daughter put the desk in my friend’s truck and we left. She was really sweet. When we got far enough away, we started cracking up. She did nothing wrong, it’s just odd that suddenly our blackness is a “get free shit from whites” card. Like they suddenly realized we’re people. She texted me later saying that she hoped she’d get to see me again & I thanked her again for the free desk.

  2. EvieE

    For the record, I hate Burger King. But Arby’s is still delicious.

  3. MizzBarnes72

    I forgot to leave my feedback for last week….my bad.

    I have never went live on my FB or IG because there is nothing that interesting that I would go live for. Before going live, I wish to God that there would be a prompt that asks if you are sure if you want to go live. I also wish there was a filter for those that do go live on FB or IG. I will never forget my cousin went live on FB at the hotel where she caught her husband cheating. Everything from knocking on the door, her trying to get in to see the side piece that her husband had to him shoving her out of the room and slamming the door in her face. I’m like, no one wants to see this mess, but there it is for ALL of the ‘internets’ to see. Don’t let me get on my high horse too much, I had the video saved for my sister to see, as she doesn’t have FB…LOL!

    Also, why did Arby’s catch a stray??? I don’t see Arby’s sponsoring homophobia, I don’t see them making contributions to the grand cheeto’s campaign. Arby’s was just sitting, slicing roast beef, making sandwiches, minding it’s business when it caught a stray from you, Rod…….YOU! I must be with Evie E on this and support Arby’s . Go Arby’s!!!

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