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2132: Traitor Hoes

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Rod and Karen discuss speaking up in the midst of whiteness, Coronavirus News, Supreme Court strikes down abortion restrictions in LA, Starbucks pauses ads on Facebook, Oakland School board eliminates police department, St. Louis lawyers point guns at black protestors, John Wayne airport being renamed, Lena Dunham speaks to her white privilege, Cookout™ Invites (White voice actors, Change.org, Jimmy Kimmel, The Chicks) and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Kemdoc

    The Breonna Taylor memes keep getting more and more irritating. Sure you’re doing a great job of getting those creative juices flowing but the coo. attorney general of that city ain’t looking at Twitter and IG. He laid up with his white future in laws shucking and jiving. Please stop making a mockery of her killing.

  2. EvieE

    The cap is getting out it control with these viral Karen’s and coons. A witness gave his first hand account on the incident. Apparently Trader Joe Karen was standing in line for a half hour to get in wearing a mask. Only when she was inside did she take it off an cause a sense. I wish someone would have punch her right in the left tittie. And then she’d have a legit breathing problem..

  3. Dia

    On the concert…I agree, I hope anyone thinking they can sue that performer if they get COVID-19 can’t.
    If anyone should sue, it should be the cities and maybe the workers that had to work at the venue at risk of losing their jobs. The city’s services are going to be taxed if those concert goers get COVID-19.

    Also, I have both my sisters listening and told them I’ll be embarrassed if they don’t put five on it. And one of my former coworkers was in the car one day (pre-pandemic) when I was listening TBGWT. She texted me, “what’s the name of that show you were listening to?” That’s impact!

  4. Felix

    Oh man, side-eyeing white voice actors playing black characters in media is one of my agendas so I won’t even try to front. I am soooo happy Jenny Slate did this. As soon as I saw the tweet the first thing I did was refresh Kristen bells social media and she’d already made a statement haha. I follow a lot of black folks in the animation industry, mostly fellow animators but a lot of voice actors too. There are so many of them out there and it was real rough for years seeing them grind, not get anywhere and eventually leave the industry. Most recent gut punch was seeing these anime dub studios cast a white girl to play the only black female lead in an anime (outside cannon busters) last year on the show Carole and Tuesday. If we can’t even get cast as the miniscule number of black characters available the industry is beyond trash. Hopefully this leads to real meaningful change and they can also get to play any character just like their white counterparts do. One can only hope, I was definitely vibin when Rod invited all the woke white voice acting faves to the cookout

  5. Mike Mallory

    Hey Rod and Karen. I agree with Rod saying that those Breonna Taylor memes aren’t funny or thoughtful, but depending on who posted it, I tend to give them the benefit of the doubt. I think that these memes are peoples misguided attempt to “say her name”. They see the police responsible for her death still walking around free and people want to do something to feel engaged and sometimes they miss the mark.

  6. Anne

    Rod, I agree with everything you said in today’s episode about the Rona. I also believe that we will lose a lot of people to this virus before the year is over. Just to put it in perspective, 100,000 people a day is the same as infecting 3 million people per month. There are 330,000,000 people in this country. In six months 18,000,000 people could be infected. There are 20,000,000 people in the state of Florida.

    On another note, please find a way to make Karen’s laugh a ring tone for cell phones. I would pay for that. I also like her “Oh, noooooooo”. I would pay for that too.

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