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2141: No Shame Day

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Rod and Karen are joined by Bassey Ikpi to discuss No Shame Day, how quarantine is affecting mental health, Kanye West, Christian Cooper’s op-ed, American Passports rejected, Nick Cannon antisemitism, Chance the Rapper, Torey Lanez arrested, Megan The Stallion shot, RBG hospitalized, squirrel has the plague, woman accused of stealing from Wal-Mart, 2 men charged for stealing from Bitcoin ATM, man caught stealing catalytic converters and sword ratchetness.

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  1. EvieE

    I’m not sure why anyone is surprised that Christian Cooper refuses to further participate with the prosecution of Amy Cooper. I kind of peeped how he was when he ended the recording as soon as she leashed her dog. That brotha just loves animals and wants to mind his business. Now does that bitch deserve to be prosecuted of course but it’s not up to us to tell Christian how he should handle things:

  2. trey_swindu744

    So glad you guys had Bassey on the regular show , she is always a bright light for me in the face of this dreadful darkness. I always want to thank Bassey because her being so open about her own mental health journey , it in turn has helped me with my own ,in dealing with anxiety and depression. By seeing someone with the same complexion as you go through that and talk about black mental health -really matters and really helps. Thanks for everything you do Bassey!

    Thanks again Bassey, Karen and Rod,


  3. Kemdoc

    I often think about the way the first 3 years of this evil administration flew by. The list of destructive legislation and racist unmasking they’ve done is immeasurable. But who would imagine that in the final year of this hell more than likely 210,000 or more people will die due to their inaction. History will run out of ways to describe this. The damage they’ve done to the fabric of society and globally is a feat we could never have imagined. And this isn’t even hyperbole. I wish it was. Hoping for better days

  4. rob-one

    At some point as a community we’re going to have to address antisemitism. The Nick Cannon and DeSean Jackson incidents made me think back to late 2019 when a couple of Hebrew Israelites in New Jersey shot and killed some Jewish people in a grocery store. I’ve always thought of them as just some fringe group that no-one really listens to, but it’s obvious that their some of their messages are becoming more mainstream and when people with celebrity start giving credence to it we can’t just laugh it off anymore.

    It was good hearing Bassey on a non recap episode.

  5. J-L Cauvin

    Loved the discussion of Hillary vs Biden. I am fine with Biden of course and like that he basically adopted Jay Inslee’s climate plan, but the fact that people still write to me on social media saying “I couldn’t vote for Hillary but I will gladly vote for Joe Biden… she was flawed” like they are heroes and not either sexists or assholes will never stop annoying me.

    Also Eric Holder’s wife was the doctor that delivered both of my nephews.

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