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PG 252: Enter The Dragon

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss guesting on The Mind Of Dom podcast, Justin goes to a socially distanced wedding, Karen’s job, Curb, The Daily podcast, racism question at work, HR rules, Yusuf Hawkins documentary, the DNC, listener feedback and Pregame news.


  1. Kemdoc

    Rod, Karen, and Joe Budden,

    Lol. The way they talked about Spotify, I would low ball they’re asses to get out of working with that podcast. Anyway, hey y’all. I missed last episode but I listened to Justin and the wedding segment. I will be attending my good homegirls wedding next weekend with my sister. It will be small, all outdoors, and every table will be socially distant. I think I she is doing all that she can to put the proper protocols and measures in place to keep people as safe as can be. There will even dancing only allowed around or near your table. I won’t be fukking around though. Trust.

    When you say that dogs are on the wrong side of civil rights I crack up. I found this cat sitter that will board my cats while I spend time with my sis and her family. There is nothing like a cat lady. I felt like I was relating to Carol Baskins. We had hella stories about the little things cats do. I be talking to Naomi and Novi like they’re my homies lol. They listen to neo soul and black ass podcasts. I’m pretty sure they know y’all voices. Lol. Finding affordable animal boarding when you go out of town is hell on wheels. Don’t let it be a pandemic. She gave me a great rate. $18 a day for two cats. If my vet was still boarding animals it would be $28 per animal. Thankfully a coworker fosters cats so she put me on to her underground cat community lol. Now I feel like I can go outta down with more of a plan and enjoy myself in peace. She got a flip phone though so that gotta change. Lol.

    This country is sick. It’s really a gut check for White people in this country. It will be up to white voters to decide if they want more chaos but a few dollars in their pocket. That’s why I understand still trying to target some white voters. Hopefully we can get the young black peoples motivated to vote. If seeing men get shot in the back and racist conventions and their family dying of Covid doesn’t motivate you……….just fukking vote. Please. I wasn’t planning on going to the March but my homegirls texted me that they’re going. I’ll double mask up and be out there tomorrow.

    Rod…..watch The Chi so we can get into it. Damn. Lol. Wtf bruh lol. The season just ended.

    Protect all mental space and dodge these racists.

  2. fyahworks

    Hey rod Karen and Justin

    Hope the week has been good to you guys!

    1. Just got word fear the walking dead is coming back October 11! Looking forward to that! It normally drops in April/May but they pushed it back like a hair line.

    2. Rod the chi is done, did you start it yet?
    3. I’ve been catching up on black lightning season 3 and I seen Wayne Brady is on it. What are y’all thoughts on his acting???

    You guys have a great weekend

    Until next time…..

    Fyahworks out

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