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SMR 301: The Lovebirds

Rod and Justin review the Issa Rae rom-com “The Lovebirds.”

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  1. ClassicRandBLover


    I am so glad that and Justin reviewed Lovebirds. I was so excited to see this in the theater, before Dat Rona opened up a can of whup ass on our lives. It was one of the first films that decided on the streaming option and I feel as if it sort of got lost in the mind-numbing downer that became the new normal.

    I thought this movie was great, it was funny, sweet and fast-paced. I too appreciated the fact that instead of the usual, couples at the lovey-dovey stage, or couples at the end of a nasty/loveless breakup, Lovebirds gave us that in between, a couple trying to figure things and the way they were going out. I also appreciated the fact that we got a story where an interracial couple is not a white/other couple. Issa Rae continue s knocking everything she does out the park.

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