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2164: Recoonition

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Rod and Karen discuss Black invisibility, Coronavirus News, John Gray accused of cheating again, Stacey Dash’s ex says he was hypnotized, Candace Owens RNC snub, BreonnaCon divides community, Jason Mitchell Sean Bell biopic, racist morgue workers and sword ratchetness.

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  1. Dia

    Hi Rod and Karen…
    On John Gray, him pointing out that his child eats pizza everyday, is that suppose to be shocking?

    The children in my family and the children of people I know around that 6 to 10 year age range, don’t want to eat anything but cheese pizza, Happy Meals , Cutie oranges and Kraft Mac & Cheese…not the good stuff, it has to be Kraft. So why make meatloaf, mashed potatoes and string beans for little people who act like they are about to throw up if you ask them if they want some eggs?

    But what came first, the cheating or the not cooking? Is he cheating because she doesn’t cook, or is she not cooking because he’s cheating? And from the few stories I have heard on this podcast about him, he seems like he prefers to eat out anyway….can I get The Who clip played?

    Lastly, when you two were discussing the Breonna Taylor event, I immediately thought about a friend, who’s family holds an annual barbecue called Pearl Jam, in memory of her aunt Pearl that passed away years ago.

    I had not seen the flyer, so during the the podcast, I went to look for it…and it is not my taste and even though branded materials are in my wheelhouse, I can never judge anyone for not having the same experience I enjoy.

    But I wonder if some, not all, but some were not feeling the event because it does feels a bit final, almost like acceptance that justice will escape and this is all we will get for her…a branded event.

    Or, people are so accustomed to gathering in her name to protest, that it is a hard leap mentally to gather in her name for their own empowerment, getting gift bags and champagne (which is recognized as a celebratory beverage). Some people may not be ready to make that leap yet.

    BUT, if they aren’t feeling it, nothing is stopping them from keeping their tails at home or better yet, coming up with their own ideas to honor Breonna Taylor’s memory.

    Ya’ll I don’t know. I am just trying to make sense of social media, but I can’t stand a “you know what ya’ll should have done” fool!

  2. brooklynshoebabe

    If dick make you slap somebody, than WAP will hypnotize somebody into marriage. lol.

    In regards to turning off air conditioning to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, I had to laugh. Most NYC public schools were built so long ago that most of the rooms don’t have air conditioning–wall units nor central. I have so much anxiety about the blended learning model I’ve agreed for my kids in September that I stay on the edge of a panic attack. But, I absolutely agree, NYC literally had 5 months to come up with a better plans of getting tech to children, to establish outdoor learning sites, to improve ventilation, etc…. And, even the plans they came up with is only a suggestion until Gov. Cuomo says it’s okay. I’m so tired of the pissing contest between NYC Mayor and NYS governor. *smdh*

    Finally, what’s funnier? Candice Owens not being asked to speak at the RNC or Diamond and Silk realizing that they are also affected by racism?

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