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2174: Secret White Women

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Rod and Karen discuss mindfulness, John Gray, Anita Hill, Dr Dre divorce, Jessica Krug and Made By Maddie.

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  1. EvieE

    It’s a big deal that Anita Hill is endorsing Joe Biden. Since black women are the Democrats most loyal voting group, I am certain the right and the super wokes would have used her name over and over again to say “ look how Biden treats black women”. This is the best preemptive keep my name out yo mouth play.
    I’d love it if he nominated her to the Supreme Court.

    Regarding the Made by Maddie controversy, from what I gathered from the articles I’ve read and the tweets, apparently the story board artist for Hair Love alleges she and the director of Made by Maddie were in the same animation workshop run by Matthew Cherry where designs for Hair Love were shared.
    I don’t disbelieve that Made By Maddie was sold to Nick Jr some years ago but probably just the idea and the artwork wasn’t submitted at the time. It could be a case where the Made by Maddie Team did draw inspiration from Hair Love when they started their art designs because Hair Love has also been in the work for a few years. But it could just be a coincidence. I don’t know. I guess we’ll see as more comes out on this but on the Internet a lie spreads faster than the truth.

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