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PG 261: Stacking

Rod, Justin and Karen discuss Justin being petty at work, adult friendships in the modern age, Karen’s new Apple Watch, Android vs Apple, going outside, Target vs Walmart, going to the dentist, Everything’s Fine, Seduced, Fargo, listener feedback and local news.

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  1. rodimusprime

    Hey y’all!

    Just checking in, hope all is well! As we wait…. cuz niggaz is counting, (Random thought) If this was an election podcast, would you call it the black guy who counts? hoping for the best prepared for the worse! But the turnouts have been lovely! You still got a few assholes that don’t want to vote and have 101 reasons why! But fuck them!

    Did you guys hear, David Rodriguez, who directs the chi passed away recently from a stoke? He was 50! RIP

    As im writing this I’m catching up on fear the walking dead recaps! I first want to say, I damn near listen to everything in the tbgwt network and Karen you have truly grown in this podcast space and I enjoy listening to you and your POV on everything! Keep up the great work! My question is Rod, Karen, do you guys feel working together via the podcast has brought u guys closer now compared to when you first started? I’m a OG listener and I e seen you guys and the show evolved but it feel like lately (even before Spotify lol) I feel a different stronger vibe between you guys! And I love it

    Have a great weekend!

    One love


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